Are There Different Kinds of Dash Cams?

Why would one keep a dash cam? It’s handy in many ways. You can use it to record videos every day. Also, you can use a GoPro or a smartphone, but the dash cam is definitely a new addition to such camera devices, especially for vehicles.

As the use of technology increases in the world, the need for a device like a dash cam increases too. The user category isn’t just citizens. Even law enforcement uses it to catch criminals.

Now remains a question in mind, is there just one kind of dash cam, or are there different kinds of dash cams? We’ll be discussing this now, so you have clear information on this question. 

What Is a Dash Cam?

The dash cam is originally called the dashboard camera. It is also known as a car DVR, driving recorder, or EDR (event data recorder). This is a kind of onboard camera that records inside or outside a vehicle. They’re usually attached with suction cups or tape mounts.

And how much resolution you want depends on the quality of the dash cam you buy. Dash cams come in full HD or other standard resolutions, and some of them even have night vision.

Dash Cams

These dash cams are very popular nowadays, especially in developed countries. And they aren’t just used by officers of the law. Companies use dash cams to monitor taxi employees or uber drivers on how they treat their customers.

And when general citizens use it, it’s mostly to make personal videos for their YouTube channel. Another reason would be if the citizens almost get robbed or murdered by a hijacker, then the footage would be on the small dash cam.

Different Types of Dash Cams

There are various kinds of dash cams available with different features and qualities. Some of them either offer quality for only inside view or outside view, and some offer quality for both internal and external views. But for you to choose properly when purchasing one, we’ll be discussing extensively on the ones given below:

1. Cabin Cam

These are mostly for internal view or cabin viewing inside the vehicle. A screen known as the rear view mirror dash cam is included in cabin cams. These screens are attached to the rear view mirror by straps or replacing the actual rear view mirror.

But it can also be attached to the dashboard, windshield or anywhere else in the interior of the vehicle.

Cabin Cam

2. Traditional Dashboard Camera

This is made specifically for vehicles like cars, sports utility vehicles, or other private cars. And this is also a suitable dash cam for truckers. It’s mounted on the dashboard or attached to the top front part of the windshield. This will record footage of anything that happens in front of the car, but only if the car is running.

Traditional Dashboard Camera

3. Rear View Mirror Camera

The rear view mirror dashcam is the sort of camera with a design made to keep the camera inconspicuous. It’s shaped in a way that it looks exactly like a rear view mirror. You can easily place this camera in lieu of your actual rear view mirror and fool people. You’d be recording, and no one would be able to tell.

Rear View Mirror Camera

And the advantage of this is that it’s not as distracting as most other dashboard cameras because it’s not placed on the windshield or dashboard and taking the driver’s eyes off the road. But most of the time it’s used by cops or people who work for media in need of secret footage.

Because these dash cams are small and discreet, they’re also the best motorcycle dash cams since they can fit anywhere on the front of a motorcycle and record well. But you would have to order design to fit your motorcycles mirror.

4. Dual Dash Cam

Some dashboard cameras come with dual cameras to record both inside and outside footage at the same time. The dual lens camera is set in a 360-degree angle to get both views because it’s facing opposite directions.

Dual Dash Cam

These mostly come in large sizes, which is a bit bothersome, but you could find smaller options if you ordered them. This kind of dashcam is the most useful and most recommended and this is definitely the best dash cam for front and rear recording.

5. Remote Cameras

This camera is mounted on the rear windshield and captures footage on what happens inside the vehicle. So, it’s basically designed to record what happens with the driver and passengers. It also has a dual camera feature, but that might ruin the video quality a bit.

Remote Cameras

6. Advanced Dash Cameras

As you can see above, most dashcams are very simple and easy to install and use. But there are some dashcams that are a bit more complex and made for a different set of users. These dashcams have extra features which include, audio recording, GPS locating, speed detecting, and a UPS (uninterruptible power supplies).

These dash cameras are rather expensive compared to the simpler ones. They’re not used vastly either because of the expense, and most features aren’t the type to be used by the general public.

GPS locators and speed sensors are something law enforcement would use on a daily basis, so these are usually purchased by the government.

Final Words

There are many different kinds of dash cams out there. You can either get an affordable camera that serves that one purpose, which is recording videos.

Or you could get the dashcam that serves multiple purposes, despite being expensive, but at least you get what you need from that dashboard camera. You can take your time and choose whichever dashcam suits you and your needs among the various kinds.

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