Are You Supposed to Run a Dash Cam Continuously? Why?

There are lots of drivers who have considered attaching dash cams to their vehicles. These little cameras are very helpful and will end up saving you a lot of time from false accusations and serve as proper evidence.

Many new users of dash cams often ask whether they should leave their dash cams running continuously or not. This article will help you with that confusion and give you an idea of the benefits of running a dash cam continuously.

Does a Dash Cam Run All the Time?

Most dash cams run all the time when you’re driving. They record what’s happening on the front and back continuously. On the road, it is hard to tell when an accident may occur, and for that reason, they are made to operate continuously in this case.

However, it is a different case when your car is parked. Your dash cam normally does not run continuously when your car is parked unless it is hardwired. If you want it to run continuously, then you will have to opt to use a hardwired box to connect the dash cam.

This will ensure that the dash cam continues to run even when your car is parked and turned off.

a Dash Cam Run Continuously

What about Battery Consumption?

If your dash cam is hardwired to run continuously even when parked, it will consume battery life. In most cases, battery life consumption isn’t too great that you will be left high and dry. However, if it worries you too much, you can opt to install an additional battery pack.

There are also dash cams with built-in batteries that automatically work when your car is parked.

Most hardwired dash cams have a built-in feature where they automatically turn off when the battery life reaches a certain level. This ensures that the battery isn’t too drained to prevent you from starting your car.

All this considered, battery consumption, while a concern, should not completely discourage you from deciding to not keep your dash cam on all the time.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Dash Cam Run Continuously?

Let’s get to know the advantages of having the dash cam run continuously.

a Dash Cam Run

Helps Combat Unpredictability

As it has been said before, driving on the road can be unpredictable most of the time. You never know when a car might hit you or crash into you or when someone succumbs to road rage.

If a dash cam isn’t running continuously, you will never be prepared to catch these incidents on video due to their unpredictable nature.

The Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO is renowned for having both high-quality front and rear video capturing ability and can accurately capture incidents that happen in its field of view. That’s why it is regarded as the best front and rear dash cam 2020.

In fact, according to some people, this one is the best truckers dash cam out there. It is used by both truckers and motorcyclists, although some motorcyclists might prefer the Blueskysea DV188 over it as it is considered as the best motorcycle dash cam 2020. Both are highly regarded as the best dash cams in 2020.

Provides You with Evidence

In the case of an unrecorded accident, unless there’s video footage, it is hard to convince someone what actually transpired. If your dash cam was running, then you would have evidence to help you reveal the true story of what happened.

Police officers will often check video footage of a dash cam in order to verify whose account of the incident is true.

Loop Recording

One might wonder about memory issues that might arise due to the continuous recording of the dash cam. Dash cams run on loop recording, so what happens is that even if the SD card is full, it will continue recording. It does this by overwriting older files to allow for continuous recording.

Highly recommended and used dash cams such as the ITrue X3 Dash Cam used by truckers feature a G sensor. A G sensor detects motion, and the camera is set off and saves that recording.

While the dash cam works continuously, the G sensor allows it to record changes in motion and saves that part of the video footage. This ensures that even with loop recording, no essential video evidence is lost.

G Sensor

The G sensor in dash cams will also work when parked, provided the dash cam is hardwired. Usually, this is indicated by a small blinking. This will discourage thieves or people from fiddling with your car. So a continuously running dash cam can provide a degree of safety and protection of your car.


While you can choose not to leave your dash cam running continuously, the obvious advantages might discourage you from making that choice. All things considered, having your dash cam run continuously provides you with many advantages for very few costs. You won’t go wrong in doing so.

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