Aukey Dual Dash Cam Review | The Good and Bad!

A dash cam can save you a lot of trouble in accidents, record things that could give you a lot to talk about, and maybe even save your life. However, not all dash cams are the same. This means that there are some which are right, and others which are not.

Among the best dashcams out there, we have the Aukey Dual Dash Cam– a fantastic device for everyone who loves quality over anything else. It is a product you need to know if you are thinking of buying a new dash-cam, and here we will tell you why! Come further to find out!

Aukey Dual Dash Cam Review

Recording at the highest-quality image provides incredible resistant against different weathers, and at the same time delivers excellent recording and looping features. This dash cam is an opportunity to increase your security while driving.

The clear video captures images up to 1080p of quality, producing videos of the highest quality no matter where you are. And of course, this video capturing also comes with audio, helping you get an all-around experience when recording.

This means you will obtain a product that delivers. Alongside this quality image recording, you will also be able to keep all your videos secure within the device. In emergency situations, it will lock up and avoid overwriting previous data.

With all of these, you also get the opportunity to capture an almost 100% peripheral image for a better field of vision. With both dash cams, recording your sides, rear, front and sometimes even slightly over your car will be entirely possible.

But what indeed makes it stand out is the ability to keep working even in extreme situations. Coming with a super-capacitor, both of these cameras promote an extreme performance in the coldest or hottest areas. They also have a longer lifetime, and the battery is really efficient.

In short, this double dash cam from Aukey is an excellent choice for anyone. It works at any moment and at any time, keeps your recording safe, and still keeps working even in the most difficult of circumstances.

If you want quality and reliability, this is a cam that won’t disappoint. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Key Specifications

Taking a look at the Aukey dash cam manual, you can see it is not a simple or standard version. This is essentially one of the best in the market due to a high-range set of features such as:

  • Model Name: Aukey Dual Dash Cam DR02-D
  • Video Quality: HD Rear and Front
  • Resolution: 1080P at 10mbps
  • LCD Size: 1.5 Inches
  • Wireless: No
  • Recording Capacity: 7 Hours in 64GB
  • Audio: Yes
  • Nighttime Vision: Yes
  • Peripheral Vision: Yes
  • Temperature Operation: -22ºF to 167ºF
  • Charge Mode: USB
  • Special Features: Emergency Recording & Extreme Temperature Operation


Partaking Features and How They Can Benefit You

We can’t make an Aukey Dual Dash Cam review without going into details about the features and advantages it will give you over other devices. Here are some of the most important and beneficial features you will get with this cam:

HQ Dual Camera Recording

Recording at 1080p is not something all dash cams can do. And when it comes to having two that do it, it’s even rarer.

This set of dual cameras will help you record at day, night, raining or whatever weather condition or place. With the addition of the Exmor Sensors and wide-range angle lenses, you can capture sharper and brighter images than any other dash cam out there.

And all of this is done with the highest quality possible.

Peripheral and Wide Angle

Having two cameras is total pleasure. The Aukey Dash Cam with dual cameras, one in the front and one in the back is exactly that.

It will help you record everything, from your sides to your blind spots and more. Whatever happens around you, these cameras will record it without problems. And of course, they will save it directly on the microSD card, so you get a top-notch recording of all your surroundings and never lose it.

Motion Detection & Automatic Recording

You won’t have to turn the camera on to take what’s happening around you. You just need to let it scan your surroundings, and it will immediately record what’s happening. At the highest-quality image, this feature comes incredibly convenient.

You also have the alternative motion-detection recording. This means it will keep recording when something happens around the car even when it is off, and you’ve left.

Bright & Broad Image

With the wide-angle lenses, capturing a peripheral image will be a total piece of cake. You will be able to see all around your car with both cams, and all across six lanes in highways without problems.

Apart from that, you get superior image sensors from Sony. They will capture the light even in the darkest of days, creating brighter images with more visibility.

Easiest to Install Combo

Despite being two cameras, you won’t have a problem when installing them at all. They come with their own 3M adhesive pads which make installation really easy. Apart from that, you can attach them practically anywhere from your windshield to your rear window or at the ceiling.

Fast & Convenient Charging

The dual-port car charger of this combo makes it easier to charge them, even when you’re using them. Just connect each one of the mini-USB cables and start recording while maintaining the battery life on.

To make it easier, you just need to connect the rear camera to the front one, and that’s it. With the mini-USB charger connected to the car charger, it’s an incredibly easy process.

Emergency Recording

There is a gravity sensor inside each one of the dash cams from Aukey. When the cameras feel a sudden turn, stop or a rare move with the vehicle, the Emergency Recording starts automatically.

This makes sure that whatever happens after any sudden movement, the camera will keep it saved over anything else.

Loop Recording

The Loop Recording Mode is designed to keep recording at all times. It just makes sure that whatever happens, it will continue being recorded even if your SD card is full. This is done by deleting 10-minute chunks of old video unless it is under the Emergency-Recording tag.

Reasons to Say YES

As you already know the Aukey Dash Cam with two cameras is a fantastic choice overall. Here are a few causes you should buy it without a doubt:

  • Dual-Cam Dash Cameras Will Keep All Your Surroundings Covered
  • High-Quality Image with 1080p In Both Cameras
  • Brighter, Clearer and More Responsive image than Others
  • Excellent Wide-Angle Lenses for A Broad Recording Spectrum
  • Top-Notch Emergency Recording That Records Sudden Moves
  • Loop Recording Keeps the Device Saving Video at all Times
  • One of the Easiest to Install Cameras in the Market
  • Really Convenient Charging Method


Any Downside to It?

  • GPS Feature is Expensive
  • Takes up to 15 Seconds to Start Recording

The sticky 3M pads of both rear and front cams are perfect. However, if the accident or happening is too sudden and powerful, the camera may fall off and stop recording.

This is even worse when the window where you installed it gets broken. But this happens very rarely, so it’s not a drawback to keep you away from it.

Common Questions Car Owners Ask

Q: Is there a difference between a single and a dual dash cam?

A: Yes, the difference falls in the capacity to record more places and at the same time. Dual-lens cameras come with two cameras instead of one. This means you can register your rear and front at the same time.

Q: Can I use dual dash-cams in any vehicle?

A: As long as the vehicle comes with a powerful enough battery, you won’t have any problem using it.

Q: Does the camera drain the battery when the car is off?

A: No, the charging connection of these cameras is directly on the cigarette lighter. When you turn the car off, the lighters turn off as well. They come with an internal battery that turns the device on when you have the Alternative Motion-Capturing activated, and the car is off.

Q: Do these cameras record audio?

A: Yes, and you can disable or enable the audio recording to your liking.

Q: Does the Dual Cash Cam from Aukey come with GPS?

A: No, this version does not offer a GPS with the combo. However, you can buy the Aukey GPS Antenna apart, to add the GPS mode to the cameras. This way you will have a safer set of cameras in your car.

Our Final Advice

The Aukey Dual Cash Cam is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to get an excellent image recording in their car. And you can be the one who enjoys it to the max.

This dual-cam system will not only record at the highest quality, but it will also promote a broader range of vision and almost all around the vehicle. You will keep yourself safe and avoid further problems after an incident.

Even though it lasts a little longer to turn on and its installation method is not the most reliable, you will receive a top-notch device. If you are thinking of buying this one, don’t hesitate.