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The creation of quality dash cams has made it easier for commercial vehicle owners to take legal action against offensive drivers. A dashcam has the ability to record everything as you drive your vehicle. The captured footage can prove to be very helpful for court cases and insurance firms’ proceedings. Specifically in the event of an accident or any other incident.

Dashcams are the ones that capture bizarre footage on different roads, which usually go viral on social media. LOL.

There are many different brands of dash cams available in the market. And so choosing the right one according to cost, specifications, and budget may be challenging.

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In case you are running short on time, here you can have a quick glance at our list of the best picks recommended by fellow truckers!

In this article, we have made the search a bit easier for you. We have reviewed some of the best dash cams for truckers. Recommended by real truckers! So here we go..

Truckers Dash Cam Reviews

So, time to get into the core part of this wordy piece! Here, you will go through the seven units we picked and explained why. At the end of this segment, you will find a buyers’ guide to help yourself in a more informed way.

1. AUTO-VOX M6PRO With Motion Detection & IP 68 Waterproof

The AUTO-VOX M6PRO is an excellent trucker dash cam that is designed very well. It has a wonderful 4.5-inch touch screen which is very user-friendly.

This trucker dash cam will amaze you with its high-quality image captions in full HD even in areas of poor lighting. It has a sensitive image processor and 6 LED lights to give quality images during daytime and night time.

The AUTO-VOX M6PRO also comes with a super-efficient user interface. The recording is continuous and uninterrupted even at night. You have the back up of the front and back dash cameras, so no data loss.

The screen resolution is very high at 1280 pixels. It also has a broad angle of 170°. The front dash camera has an excellent recording ability of 1080 pixels that can cover a 165° angle. The installation process of the dashcam is pretty easy and quick.

The AUTO-VOX M6PRO is able to record images automatically using its motion detection specification. The dashcam can detect anything near your vehicle that is in motion.

This dash cam has a backup choice which helps you in saving both effort and money. The total weight of the dashboard camera is just 2 pounds, making it very lightweight. This camera saves you space as it is only 13.1 by 4.7 by 2.3 inches in dimension. It also guards you against accidents and incidents efficiently.

Using the rear dash cam you can have a great wide-angle viewing of the place behind your truck. This helps you in marking your car’s security on the reverse.

The rear dash camera is more effective than the rear mirrors. The camera records everything in high clarity when your vehicle is in motion. This is really advantageous when you’re going for long or short trips. Front and back dash cams are a great investment. You can also record holiday stories with your friends and family.

In conclusion, the AUTO-VOX M6PRO gives you excellent clarity and high-quality images. The recordings can be helpful in taking the right surveillance of parking lots and also as evidence in case of an accident.

  • Gives you quality images and lighting when you’re parking
  • The device is easy and quick to install
  • It has excellent controls
  • Microphone will buzz when there’s electrical interference

2. Vantrue X3 With 2.5K Front View Live Stream Camera

The Vantrue X3 is among the best dash cams in the market. It has inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows you to control the device using your smartphone. It allows for real-time viewing and playback. You can freely download the recordings into your smartphone or any other smart device through the WiFi-CarDV application.

The dash cam has a motion detection feature. The motion sensor triggers the dash cam to automatically capture images when someone or something is moving near your vehicle. This Camera requires a constant supply of power. You can hardwire it or attach it to an external battery.

The device has a Gravity sensor (G-sensor) and a seamless loop recording. The loop recording automatically will overwrite the oldest recordings with the newest when a card is completely filled. However, it will automatically save the viral video clips on the Event folder when it detects a bump, collision, hit e.t.c. The G-sensor helps it to detect those events and it records everything seamlessly.

Furthermore, you can click on the ‘Mode’ button to save the existing video to guard a segment from being overwritten. The dash cam has an inbuilt microphone and speaker to record clear and high-quality audio.

This device has the ability to capture sharp images. It assists you in reading street signs clearly and license plates of other vehicles.

The Vantrue has night vision. Its sensitive image sensor records clear videos with precise color even when there’s poor lighting.

The camera has an automatic LCD OFF timer that turns the LCD off after the image capturing starts, such that you will not be distracted by another shiny part on the windshield. You may switch this feature off if you want the LCD to stay on.

To use its GPS function, you will need to buy a GPS mount. The GPS helps you to correctly assess the status of an accident by giving you the speed of the truck, the direction of the hit and the impact of the collision. The dash camera can also help you with tracking and remember previous driving routes.

The device has a date and time stamp. This is important when you have to use your video recordings as evidence in an accident or incident case.

  • It has a G-sensor and seamless loop recording
  • Captures clear videos
  • Easy to operate
  • Has the ability to capture still photos
  • Vital video segments might be deleted because of insufficient memory space

3. WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS With Sony Exmor Sensor

The WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS dash cam is an excellent witness wherever you may be. It automatically continuous recording both video and audio.

This HD resolution camera gives refutable evidence to law enforcers, insurance firms and court proceedings. It is your best witness during an accident or an incident. It is a secure and protective method against careless drivers and pedestrians. Just like any other dashcam, it promotes safety on the roads and lessens road carnage.

The Wheel Witness dash cam has high resolution and super night vision. It has an inbuilt Sony IMX322 sensor which has a solid 6-Glass accuracy lens and a great WDR function. This dash cam is, therefore, able to capture sharp and clear images at daytime and night time.

When the memory card is worn out and filled up, the HD PRO Plus possesses a loop recording function that enables it to overwrite the oldest videos and continuously capture new ones.

This camera uses Wi-Fi. This means that you can control it using your smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets. You can transfer videos to your mobile phone and share it online on social media sites. You may also choose to install the microSD into a computer and transfer the videos.

The WheelWitness HD PRO PLUS has a Gravity sensor which has the ability to automatically detect accidents and capture the important footage. This footage will act as evidence. When the Gravity sensor detects bumps and hits, the camera is triggered to record and save the video segments leading up to the event and some seconds that follow.

Footage of a possible incident is not overwritten, the camera is able to guard against the data loss. Furthermore, you can save the footage manually by locking the video file.

This camera has a Fly ZOOM feature that lets you zoom 4X as you continue to record. You can zoom into a vehicle’s license plate in dire situations.

The GPS module feature allows the WheelWitness dash cam to record the speed, coordinates, and location of a vehicle. You can easily play back the records of such information and view the speed of the vehicle, and the routes it used at any given time.

  • Captures clear and high-quality images
  • The camera is easy to install
  • You need to be proactive while operating this Camera.
  • If an accident or incident occurs, you need to save the recording at that time

4. Rexing V1LG With Built-in GPS Logger

The Rexing V1LG dash cam is an exquisite device that is easy to install similar to Rexing V1P It has dual channel recording as it comes with a high definition back camera. The device has an inbuilt GPS module that lets you track your routes in Google maps.

The camera gives a crystal and clear image of the road ahead of you, by zooming in on the details perfectly. The full HD feature will just amaze you. Operating the camera is very easy too!

The device has excellent night vision capability. Its wide dynamic range (WDR) will automatically adjust the device’s settings to form a clear image in any environment.

Not only that, this dash cam has a 170° wide-angle lens that gives room for extra video capture and more data storage. The wide-angle lens allows your camera to capture added footage on the road.

Its Gravity sensor is able to detect a hit and lock the clip on file. The video clip is protected against being overwritten.

The Rexing V1LG dash cam has a loop recording feature that allows you to optimize your data. It does this by overwriting the oldest footage with the newest one in a span of 3, 5 or 10-minute breaks. The files that are locked do not get overwritten.

Its discreet design makes it a well-concealed witness that records everything that happens on the road. Furthermore, this dash cam is light which ensures your safety. A heavy camera on the windshield is very dangerous.

The Rexing V1LG dashcam requires a High-endurance micro SD memory card. Do not use SanDisk Ultra memory cards with the Rexing V1LG dashcam, as those cards are not high endurance. You can use the Transcend Information and the SanDisk High endurance memory cards instead.

When you buy this device, your package contains items such as the Rexing V1LG dash cam, a high definition rear camera, a 12ft charging cable, some adhesive mount, instructions manual, USB cable and back camera extension cord. You can buy the Rexing hard wire kit separately for the V1L and V1LG.

  • The device is light
  • Hoards a discreet design which makes it the perfect witness
  • It has a G-sensor
  • This camera does not have Wi-Fi or 4k recording quality

5. Rear View Safety RVS-770613 With 7″ Display

The Rear View Safety RVS-770613 cam is fully waterproof. It has a rating of IP69K which is the highest form of IP rating. The camera is, therefore, able to operate well in any weather.

The screen has a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels and it displays digital images. The high resolution gives crystal clear images from the rear camera. This system has the ability to handle a maximum of 3 cameras. You may add 2 extra cameras to the system.

The backup camera has eighteen infra-red lights. This means that it has the ability to view up to a maximum of 50ft at night. The night vision is still even without any environmental lighting.

The screen is able to show you distance grid lines. This helps the backup camera to know the amount of distance you have at the back of the car.

Its three-channel multiplexer runs the equipment’s view between a normal picture and a mirror image. This enables the three connected cameras to be utilized as either front or backup cameras.

The backup camera has an inbuilt microphone, while the screen has inbuilt speakers. This allows both visual and audio information to be transmitted from the vehicle’s rear.

The Rear View Safety RVS-770613 has the ability to automatically dim the screen’s brightness basing on the surrounding light. It has a very bright screen at daytime and a less bright one at night time.

Another reason why we brought this in our trucker dash cam reviews is its viewing convenience. The extremely wide viewing angle at 130° allows the backup cam to give a full view from the back of the vehicle. This negates blind spots to give you added safety.

The Rear View Safety dash cam is quite affordable. It may not possess all the qualities of other brands but it’s still among the best truckers dash cams.

  • The screen of this rear view camera is very large compared to other cameras
  • The Ultra wide viewing angle of this rear view camera is quite small compared to other brands

6. Street Guardian SGGCX2 Its V4 2018 Model

The Street Guardian SGGCX2 is yet another fantastic dash cam for truckers. It has a High definition Drive recorder of 1080 pixels and a 64GB memory card.

It is quite small but very powerful. Its stealthy design makes it a well-hidden witness.

We have a Depth Review of Best Hidden Dash Cam if you wanna know which one is the best then you can check this out!

The dash cam comes with a metallic lens holder. As a result, its base is highly resistant to temperature. Furthermore, the camera has a Novatek 96655 processor, a CMOS sensor from Sony, six glass lenses, F/2.0 double IR cut, and a viewing angle of 120° which provides it with sharp and clear images.

The device is GPS enabled which allows it to track the vehicle’s location and past routes. The Street Guardian dash cam is quite exquisite, but the company offers efficient support to its customers as well.

Its big 1080 pixel sensors and WDR give it good night vision. It can take high-quality images despite the weather conditions.

The camera comes with a USB card reader, a microSD Card, and a GPS logger. The dash cam can support memory cards of up to 256GB.

This device has been upgraded. It has a 1.5-inch High definition TFT monitor. It’s highly compact glass hugging makes it very stealthy. The upgraded traditional housing gives it a 90° viewing angle so that the dash cam can be placed on an extremely vertical windshield. It also has improved ventilation for better heat transfer.

This quality trucker dash cam is compact and very discreet. This allows you to use it comfortably without distracting your road view. It is usually dark which adds to its stealthiness.

The Street Guardian may be purchased online on Amazon. The price may be a bit high, but well, it’s a high-quality product. It gives you value for your money.

  • The camera works very well
  • Video quality is perfect during the day
  • A bit too expensive
  • The GPS is slightly slow at responding the first time

7. VSYSTO Truck Dash Cam

The Blue net trucker dash cam is among the best dash cams for Truckers 2020. It supports 3 cameras which allow it to continuously capture images from 3 different angles.

You must note however, the screen cannot display the 3 cameras at the same time. It has the ability to display only 2 backup cameras at the same time, or just the front camera on its own.

This dash cam has an HD lens. Its front video resolution is 1920 by 1080 pixel; for both sides, it is 720 by 480 pixel.

The Blue Net trucker dash cam also has a wide range and HD image quality which gives you a broader view and ensures safe and secure driving.

It has a loop recording feature which gives you the choice to record the footage in loops of 1, 3 or 5 minute files and save it on the TF memory card until space is full. Thereafter, the oldest footage will be overwritten automatically to allow for more recording.

This dash cam also has the Gravity sensor. The Gravity sensor is able to sense an unexpected turn or a vehicle collision and automatically capture and save images.

The camera immediately locks the captured footage which is used as evidence in an accident scenario. The locked footage cannot be overwritten. You can also lock important video files manually.

The Blue Net trucker dash cam has infra-red night vision which ensures that it captures high-quality videos even at night. The device is also waterproof which is very advantageous.

You can view the Blue Net trucker dash cam on Amazon. It is definitely a high-quality device suitable for your vehicle.

  • The camera can support 3 lenses
  • Compact physics
  • Easy to install
  • The device does not have its own microSD included
  • you have to buy it separately, It does not come with an instructions manual

8. KDLINKS X1 GPS Enabled Car Dash Cam

WDR! That’s right. No more over or underexposure video. The KDLINKS X1 comes with WDR technology that’s quite similar to HDR technology in camera.

Even in low light condition, this 165° super wide-angle camera can record 1080p videos at 30fps. The F1.6 Six-Glass lenses give you superb night vision. All without under saturating your image quality.

The X1 has a 2.7″ large screen. Easy to use interface. It can record videos hands-free in a continuous loop. 8GB micro SD card is included that can be used right out of the box.

This dash cam has a built-in patent-pending GPS module that can precisely record your GPS data into your video clips. You can also use this to check your vehicle speed, location, route, etc. on google maps. Enough evidence for you to back up your insurance claim.

It starts recording as soon as you start up your engine. Huge storage space for longer video playback. The unique dynamic range can capture high-quality videos in difficult lighting conditions. I almost feel sorry for the brake checkers.

This X1 is built with a bunch of modern solutions that are useful for all truck drivers. Instead of cables, the GPS mount uses the suction cup. No more tangled cables and less clutter on your windshield.

To keep the video quality detailed and smooth, the X1 uses the AR0330 sensor. It’s extremely sensitive and will ensure excellent quality. The professional video data player software is supported on both mac and windows.

This software also shows Google Maps Route Animation. The G-sensor can automatically detect accidents and has an emergency lock button that will lock your current video file for you.
3.7v 110mah High-Quality Li-polymer battery can withstand high and low temperatures. It’s easy to install. Apart from its H.264 codec, it can also record sound. You can even rotate this dash cam in any direction you want.

  • Full HD WDR 165° angle video capture with 360° rotation.
  • Cable-free and easy to install.
  • Nothing! In fact, I’ll actually recommend this one.

9. Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam

Witness stupid people doing stupid stuff in 1440p. The Z-EDGE S4 Dual Dash Cam is your expert witness. It comes with the best in the dual-class lens that can simultaneously record front and rear.

The S4 comes with a 4″ IPS display screen with a Pip display. It’s super easy to install. For optimal field-of-view, you can stick the display directly to your windshield. This cam is fully adjustable.
The front camera mount has a quick-release function. You can tilt it up and down. You’ll also get a 3M replacement mount included in the pack. The front camera can record UHD video and the back records in FHD.

Thanks to its 1440p resolution in the front and 1080p in the back, you’ll never miss a single license plate. Both front and rear have a 150-degree ultra-wide viewing angle. Capture more stupid stuff around you than your ordinary dash cam.

With its built-in 600mAh battery, you can record up to 30 mins without hooking it up with a power cable. The Z-EDGE S4 supports up to 128 gigs of memory. That’s more than enough for a long road trip.

The S4 has a state of the art night vision thanks to the highly sensitive SONY image sensor. Both rear and front can take superior low light video clips. You can also take photos in 12-megapixels.
Hold on; there’s more. It has WDR technology too. It will balance high/low exposure and provide you stunning looking video. The six glass lenses will reduce glare in bright daylight.

Loop recording feature, auto on/off with vehicle ignition, energy-saving LCD screen, built-in G sensor, one-click audio recording, and much more. It’s everything you want in your dash cam and more.

Considering the overall performance and value, you can hardly go wrong with the Z-EDGE S4. They also have impressive customer service.

  • Feature-rich dash cam at an affordable price.
  • High-resolution video recording and great storage support.
  • Doesn’t come with any SD cards.
  • Don’t know why but this cam won’t support SanDisk cards.

10. Pruveeo MX2 Dash Cam Front and Rear

The Pruveeo MX2 is probably the cheapest dual dash cam you’ll see on this list. Don’t let the price tag fool you though. It will do what it’s meant to do. The most amazing feature of this camera is its 240-degree angle.

It’s like a super-duper ultra-wide angle for a cheap dashboard camera. And, probably the only amazing feature you’ll find. Hey, you get what you pay for.

In terms of video quality, it isn’t half bad. Records 720P & 480P resolution at 30 fps. AVI format only. The camera allows 320-degree rotation and you get 120 viewing angles on each camera.

This dash cam has one heck of a design. It’s so discreet that you can’t even tell that there is a camera mounted in your car. A ninja dashcam.

Front and rear cam work automatically. It starts when you start your car and stops when you turn off the engine. The continuous loop recording system will ensure no gaps between recorded clips.

It has two special camera design that you can adjust at any angle you want. Tilt them up and down or rotate them as you wish. Built-in 2-inch LCD and audio record support.

You can also add external mic if you wish. It has a 320 mA Built-in Battery and runs at 5V DC power input. Supports the emergency lock button and power-off file recovery function.

Storage support is up to 32GB. No memory card included. This cam is easy to set up. Great for Uber/Lyft drivers. It’s affordable and probably the cheapest dual dash cam on the market.

  • It’s cheap.
  • Serves its purpose.
  • Don’t expect too much from it. It’s cheap.

Things to Consider before Buying Dash Cam for Truckers

When you’re planning to get a good dashcam for truckers, there are some important things to consider. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. The Quality of the Truckers Dash Cam

Quality is very important. Don’t just buy your dash cam according to affordability. You need to consider the quality of the camera. Purchase a camera that is very clear to allow your dash cam to take high-quality images.

2. The Size of the Camera

Smaller cameras are much better compared to big ones. Installing smaller cameras in your vehicle makes it less likely for them to be stolen.

3. Heat Resistance Capacity

It is very likely that the dashcam will be running for extended periods of time. As a result, it will be exposed to different levels of hot and cold temperatures. It is important to choose a dash cam that has a high heat resistance capacity to avoid excessive damage.

4. GPS Enabled

It is very advantageous to have a GPS enabled dashcam. It gives you the vehicle’s location and past routes. The GPS feature gives added evidence in any given scenario.

5. Night Vision Capabilities

Night vision is important as you drive your vehicle in the darkness. It gives you added safety and many accidents can be avoided. Choose a truck dash camera that has excellent night vision.

6. The Camera’s Resolution

A camera with a high resolution is great for truck drivers. The dash cam will be able to record clear and sharp images. Everything that happens on the road will be captured very well.

7. The Viewing Angle

Most truck dash cams in the market have a 120° viewing angle. A large viewing angle is important as you are able to see more areas around your vehicle as you drive. The more advanced dash cams have a viewing angle of about 140°.

8. Gravity Sensor and Motion Detection Abilities

Most dash cams have an inbuilt Gravity sensor, which detects any sudden turns or vehicle collisions. Advanced dash cams can record the footage of the sudden encounter. The footage is locked to protect it from being overwritten.

This motion detection feature is advantageous once you park your vehicle. The camera can detect any nearby people or things and automatically record the events.

9. The Memory Capacity

You want the dashcam to continuously record for extended periods of time. For that reason, you should choose a truck dash cam that has a large memory capacity to store a lot of footage.

Preferably, buy cameras that have an integrated file compression feature. This is useful as it compresses the already captured footage, freeing up extra space for new videos.

Final Verdict

Dash cameras record everything that occurs while you’re driving your vehicle. The video footage can be used as irrefutable evidence in a court case or for insurance purposes. And, the existence of the best truckers dash cam shows us that indeed technology makes life easier, more enjoyable and peaceful.

In some cases, you might even capture a really crazy video that goes viral on a social media site! So, it is the appropriate time to upgrade your vehicle with any of the above-featured products.

And, in our truckers dash cam reviews, we unveiled the 10 Best Trucker Dash Cam Reviews that may just improve your journey on the road! Stay safe and have fun! Ta-da!