The Best Position To Mount Your Dash Cam | How-To

Dash cams are becoming an indispensable part of driver’s journeys. They are economically feasible and easy to handle. They can either be joined to cigarette circuit or to already present car sockets.

You can very easily install dash cams on your car. However, a very relevant question which may come to our mind is that, where exactly should we position our dashcams?

This question is very important for all drivers. Remember, installing dash cam on the dashboard is not advised and can also be hazardous sometimes, as it can interfere in your driving view.

The best position for your dash cam is where you can get best 360° view of the road. It shouldn’t interfere in driving and be hidden from plain sight.

Positions greatly depend upon the quality and size of the dash cam. You can find a position where it is easy to install the cam or if you don’t want to compromise with a view, you will have to put some efforts while installing it.

Let’s try to explore different areas in the car where we can install the dash cam without interfering in driving and giving maximum benefits.


Positions to Look for

Positions play an important role in the delivery of the dashboard cameras, as the network and transmission of interference patterns are delayed. The dash cams are advised to be kept at safe places, for proper visualization and maintenance.

People often ignore the necessity of congenial positions to place the cam and therefore face technical issues. The following discussion on the positions of the dash cams would guide you appropriately to decide the optimized space and positions for the bought dashboard cameras.

Before placing it in a secure place, check for connectivity issues and make sure that the footages are being properly recorded because sometimes the loops can also play together making it difficult for the user to rectify the problems.


Rear View Mirror Cameras

Rear dash cams, can be installed straight over to your rear mirrors. They don’t create hindrance in the site, and no need to think about different mounts. They are easy to handle and operate. The position is safe and often hidden from common eyesight, therefore physical harm is less probable.


Dual Camera Dash Cam

Installing tow cams can be very cumbersome and costly. Many people tend to install two dash cams; one in front and another at back. This lets them not only record front road but also can monitor cars coming from the back. They also help in parking.

But, you can also choose to install a dash cam, with one lens in front and one at back. This is the best option for people looking for two views, without complicating wiring and adding cost.

Dual Camera Dash Cam


Dash cam installed on the dashboard can help you keep a safe distance from a front car if stuck in traffic. But, as we discussed this position is best ignored. Drivers find it difficult to concentrate on the road ahead because of this position.

So, this can prove to be fatal while driving. Therefore, please try to avoid this position.



The windshield can be an ideal position for installing dash cam. Most drivers are preferring this position as it does not hinder the sight and also allows them to grab video effortlessly. Down to the center position is considered best by drivers, few inches down the headliner.

If you dash cam has a suction cup, there would be ample space for it to be installed.

Just behind the rear mirror can also be an option. As the area is already blocked, there is no loss of sight. So, it can be in the best position to do so.

Remember to install it right under the rear mirror handle. This is about to the center of the mirror. This may lead you to capture both the bonnet and all the road in front of you. Thus, it can optimize your view.


How to Hide it in Plain Sight?

If dash cam placed just anywhere not hindering your sight, it is vulnerable to be stolen. There have been several cases of thieves stealing dash cam, as it gives them a good price and they can’t be tracked easily. Be alert!

There are other several reasons, so as to why you shouldn’t keep your dash cam vulnerable. They can get damaged easily whenever you apply brakes. It greatly depends on the color and material of dash cam, for determining the best position of it. You may read our article on How to Hide a Dash Cam Properly.

Whether it’s a quick trip to the squash court or the shopping mall, mounting a dashcam in a secure location is essential for your car.

Suction Mounts

There are two types of the mount on dash cams. They help in embedding dash cams to place of your choice. First is an adhesive mount, in this you want less space to install your cam. And, another is a suction mount, which requires relatively more space. So, be wise while appropriating positions to cams.


In a nutshell

  • Keep it hidden from plain sight
  • It shouldn’t create a hindrance in your sight
  • Wires and cakes should be neatly connected to sockets

We saw some basic positions of where to place the dash cam correctly. But, positions heavily depend on – as we discussed – quality and size. So, deciding the position taking those dimensions in mind can help you greatly.