7 Best Rear View Mirror Backup Camera With Night Vision

Today we will talk about the best rear view mirror backup camera!

No doubt, there are many of these available in the market. And, some of them use Bluetooth connectivity to transfer videos to the user, while others use a wired connection instead.

Nonetheless, good rear view backup cameras comprise unique features which make them stand out.

If you have a vehicle without a rear view backup camera and you don’t plan on purchasing a new vehicle, there’s hope for you yet. There are several devices that come at a fair price.

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It’s not a must that you purchase one from a car dealer to get the right rearview backup camera. There are a lot of aftermarkets backup cameras in the market with displays and transmitters.

Our Choosen 7 Best Rear View Mirror Backup Cameras

In this piece, we take a look at some of the best rearview mirror backup cameras.

01. isYoung-Mirror Backup Camera System

The package contains isYoung720p HD video recorder, a backup camera, user manual, and a car charger.

This isYoung720p HD Car Rearview Mirror backup camera is an attractive and efficient device. It has a 140° viewing angle and a 720-pixel rearview camera. Furthermore, it has a 4.3″ LCD monitor, and it is installed over the current rearview mirror.

The camera can capture high-quality images with a 720-pixel resolution. The inbuilt microphone offers improved audio quality.

The isYoung backup camera has an automatic recording feature. Here, the video recording starts automatically when the car engine is on and stops immediately when the engine is off. This device has a manual recording function. Here, you just push the power button for some three seconds, and the camera will start to record.

Another great specification is that the device is heat resistant and therefore, functions in humid and hot summer conditions. You do not need to worry about the camera being destroyed in harsh weather.

The system has a multifunctional car camera and it gives automatic recording, capturing images, USB connection, and is an important reversing backup camera.

It has a G-sensor that locks a video file in an accident scenario. The video is saved and you can use it as evidence in a court case or for insurance purposes. The rechargeable battery is useful when you want to record something but you’re not in the vehicle. The system can support memory cards of up to 32GB storage capacity.

Features It Partakes

  • 140° lens
  • 3-inch screen
  • Supports 32GB TF card
  • Inbuilt sound system
  • Inbuilt 420mAh battery
  • 720p high-definition video resolution
  • G-sensor to lock important video clips
  • The automatic and manual recording feature
  • Automatic shockproof feature
  • Parking control to help you while reversing the car
  • Seamless loop recording and motion detection.
  • Offers seamless loop recording to maximize data storage.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Heat resistant
  • Parking control is useful for reversing
  • Rearview images may appear fuzzy.
  • Poor quality night time videos.

02. SENDOW-Mirror Backup Camera

The package contains a SENDOW mirror dash camera, a backup camera, an instructions manual, a car charger, adhesive sticker, 2 mounting straps and 2 screws.

If you’re low on cash but you still want a high-quality dash camera, you should check out the SENDOW mirror dash camera. This dash cam has a front camera with a 170° viewing angle and a waterproof 140° rearview camera. This allows you to capture everything that occurs inside and outside your car.

The front camera lets you view full HD video at a resolution of 1080 pixels. The rearview camera allows you to record videos at a resolution of 720 pixels.

The SENDOW mirror dash cam also has a 7″ TFT LCD screen which has a 16:9 aspect ratio. It possesses an IPS touchscreen feature. The screen has a menu with large buttons and user-friendly icons for quick navigation and interactive use.

The dash cam can support 32GB memory cards(not included). This allows you to capture lengthy footage. The loop recording feature overwrites the oldest records with the newest ones when the memory card is exhausted.

The system allows you to display one picture with records from a single camera, and 4 image-to-image display from the front and rearview cameras captured simultaneously. You just need to press one key to switch to 5 views. This allows you to get a smooth view of what is happening on the road.

It has a G-sensor feature which locks important videos in an accident scenario. The device is backed with a sturdy build against defects caused by average use. The responsible company offers professional assistance and timely customer service.

Features It Partakes

  • 5″ IPS touchscreen
  • High-definition resolution
  • 6G glass lens
  • Parking control
  • Loop recording
  • Gravity sensor
  • 170° wide angle for the front camera and 140° for the waterproof backup camera
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Assists you as you park your car
  • High-quality images
  • Only supports up to 32GB memory cards

03. Pruveeo D700-Touch Screen Backup Camera

The package contains the Pruveeo D700 Dash cam, a waterproof rearview camera, an extension cord for the rear view camera, a car charger and an instructions manual.

The Pruveeo dash cam has a 7-inch touchscreen which makes it easy to use. It is a dual-lens camera. The extension cable for the waterproof rear view camera is 19ft long and it is only usable in cars.

The system is easy to install and operate. It perfectly fits over your current rearview mirror. The cable goes inside the car’s cabin and is plugged into the cigarette lighter.

The rearview camera helps you as you reverse or park your car. This is very important and many accidents are averted this way.

The backup camera gives you a full view of the area behind your vehicle. This way you do not have to worry about hitting someone.

The rear view camera is even better than the rearview mirror. You can clearly see what is behind your vehicle and be able to reverse or park your vehicle safely.

The PruveeoD700 dash cam is a product of the Pruveeo company. Pruveeo was formed back in the year 2000 and offers jobs to at least 300 individuals. It manufactures dash cams and offers ODM and OEM services for different popular brands worldwide.

 Features It Partakes

  • It has a 7″ touchscreen
  • It has 2 cameras
  • Assists with parking and reversing
  • The front lens has a 150° viewing angle
  • The front camera has a full HD resolution of 1080 pixels and 720 pixels
  • The rear view lens has a 90° viewing angle
  • The rear view camera has a resolution of 480 pixels
  • It has seamless loop recording
  • It has an inbuilt microphone and speaker
  • It has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • It uses a mini USB
  • The device has an inbuilt 320mAH battery
  • The dash cam supports memory cards of up to 32GB (not included).
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • It has a touchscreen feature
  • The device is inexpensive
  • The device can only support memory cards with a maximum storage space of 32GB

04. AUTO VOX T2-Mirror Backup Camera System

The package contains A rearview mirror screen, a backup camera, a video cable, and four bracket adapters.

AUTO-VOX is a popular manufacturer of vehicle accessories that has been in the business for over a decade. The AUTO-VOXT2 backup camera is very easy to install and it allows you to view what is behind your vehicle when you engage the reverse gear.

AUTO-VOXT2 rearview mirror is usually installed over the existing rearview mirror. The monitor is attached to the windscreen mount. The backup camera is mounted on the rear number plate. A video cable is used to connect the rearview mirror screen and the backup camera.

This system helps you to park and reverse your car effortlessly. It is compatible with a higher percentage of car models because it is shipped with four bracket adapters.

The AUTO-VOX rearview camera has a sleek design and is also waterproof. Its super night vision displays high-definition parking images even in dimly lit places. It possesses 6 LED lights and a very sensitive CMOS which aid in its night vision ability.

The rearview mirror has an anti-glare feature. This is useful when you’re driving at night time to avoid seeing bright lights from the vehicles behind you. The monitor is bright and clear enough during the night.

The AUTO-VOXT2 backup camera is relatively inexpensive. It is a quality device that you can easily install into your vehicle if it lacks a dash cam. Its rearview mirror camera ensures that you safely park and reverse your car without hitting anyone or anything. Check it out at Amazon for added information.

 Features It Partakes

  • 3- inch LCD monitor
  • T1 400 monitor
  • Assists with parking and reversing
  • It has an IP 68 waterproof rearview camera with a 170° viewing angle.
  • This dash cam has night vision.
  • Installing the AUTO-VOXT2 is pretty straightforward
  • It produces high-quality images
  • It offers a wide viewing angle
  • The monitor does not have an auto-dimming feature
  • It doesn’t have GPS navigation

05. Falcon Zero F360+ Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

 The package contains a Falcon Zero F360+ rearview camera, a USB cable, a dual USB charger, clips for cables, 10ft power cable and a 32GB memory card.

The Falcon Zero F360+ is a lightweight dash cam that weighs 1.85 pounds only. It has dimensions of 11.6 by 4.9 by 2.9 inches. The device is really great due to its anti-shock feature. This device is unique because it has inbuilt dual rotating cameras. These cameras are able to record simultaneously, this ensures that you have a good time while driving.

You can mount the camera on your existing rearview mirror, helping you to save extra space on the dashboard. It allows you to record videos both inside and around your vehicle.

Incredisonic Company is the manufacturer of this device. The company is very reputable and provides high-quality vehicle accessories. Its products are really fantastic. The Falcon Zero F360+ has a high rating on Amazon, which goes to show that it is definitely among the best rearview backup cameras.

Both its cameras have a 1080p resolution and they can rotate at 180°. Furthermore, they have a broad 120° viewing angle which allows you to record very well. The viewing angle is unlimited.

The LCD screen allows you to alter functions without using a computer or any other external gadget. It also lets you view the images in real-time and you can playback pictures and videos.

The system has a high-quality lens that lets you record great images at night time. You can view smaller details, which are usually difficult to see in the dark.

 Features It Partakes

  • 5″ TFT LCD
  • Night vision
  • Inbuilt microphone and speaker
  • 180° rotating angle and 120° viewing angle
  • High-resolution wide-angle lens
  • Supports memory cards of up to 32GB storage
  • Anti-shock feature
  • Easy to install and operate
  • It has an endless viewing angle
  • The device is easily transferable between vehicles
  • It saves on space.
  • It doesn’t record well when it’s sunny
  • It’s hard to keep it in a firm position. 

06. AUTO-VOX M8-Rear View Safety Backup Camera

The package contains the AUTO-VOX M8 Dash cam, a backup camera, a car charger, a cleaning cloth, mounting bands, and an instructions manual.

The AUTO-VOX M8 dash cam has a unique mirror design, a touchscreen interface and loads of other features. It is a new and innovative dash cam.

The display unit looks like the existing rearview mirror but it’s a bit wider to give space for the camera. You mount the unit on top of the rearview mirror.

It is connected using a charging cord and 2 solid mounts. At the middle of this Camera is a 6.8″ LCD display whose size and resolution is similar to that of Android tablets. The display acts as a real-time feed of what the camera records on the other side of the mirror. It is also a user interface.

A second cam is placed at the rear. It helps you to view what is behind the vehicle. The rear camera is mounted on the number plate, giving a clear and precise view for you to securely reverse the vehicle without being afraid of hitting someone.

The AUTO-VOX M8 design is very intuitive. This is because it gives an excellent solution to a difficult problem that may otherwise make the arrangement do more harm than good. The extra safety advantages of having both the front and back views may save you loads of expenses.

The front camera, which is attached to the mirror, is able to record 1080p videos. This Camera has night vision as well, giving clear and detailed images at night. It has a smart image processing feature and a 6-glass lens, which helps it in viewing small but important details like badges and number plates from long distances.

The device has a 180° viewing angle which is helpful in giving you a detailed view as you reverse. Furthermore, it is IP68 waterproof which lets you drive in rainy weather without fearing that the camera will get damaged. It has an overlay feature as well that gives a digital guideline to help you in parking.

 Features It Partakes

  • 180-degrees horizontal viewing angle
  • 1296P huge touchscreen
  • G-sensor and motion detection
  • Security alarm
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 86 inch LCD monitor
  • The device is easy to install
  • Easy to operate with the touchscreen display
  • Has a large display
  • The mirror is of great quality
  • It is expensive
  • The rear image may delay to display when reversing

07. KDLINKS-R100-Dash Cam With Rear View Camera

The KDLINKS-R100 is a unique dash cam in that it looks a lot like a rear view mirror. The unit is designed to replace the existing rear view mirror. The front has an IPS display and some control buttons. The remaining surface is coated with a mirrored glass sheet that works effectively like a normal mirror.

It comes with a rear camera and two mounts to hold it. A speaker is attached to it as well. In general, the design of the KDLINKS-R100 is very comprehensive and stealthy. The terminals and connections are relatively quiet and streamlined, this results in a nondestructive look.

The front camera’s 1296p resolution looks good and gives proper legibility during the day and at night. It has a wide-angle lens that has a viewing angle of 140°. The outstanding feature is the high-definition 1080 pixels rear camera, which also has a wide angle lens and clear 30fms recordings.

The inbuilt display is situated at the left side of the mirror and is quite bright with perfect viewing angles. The size of the display and the high-resolution IPS is similar to that of a smartphone. This is seen in the interface, which has large and user-friendly icons for every setting and feature.

It has an auto-off function which allows the device to turn off automatically when your engine is switched off. This is important if you have a vehicle where you have to utilize the cigarette lighter as a source of power.

The R100 has a motion detection feature. It takes a short video any time it senses movement near the vehicle. The G-sensor is important in automatically detecting collisions or sudden turns. The camera records these events and locks the videos.

It sports a lithium-ion battery which has the ability to last for some good hours due to its 800mAh capacity. Given that you don’t want to recharge the battery you can simply connect it to a power source.

 Features It Partakes

  • 5-inch front display
  • Can be accessed using a smartphone or a tablet
  • 140° viewing angle
  • Supports storage of up to 128GB
  • Uses an 800mah battery
  • It has GPS navigation
  • It has a microphone and a speaker
  • It can support a memory capacity of up to 128GB
  • High-quality videos
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The device is a bit big for some drivers

Things to Consider before Buying a Mirror Backup Camera

If you’re searching for a new rearview mirror backup camera, it is important to choose wisely to avoid serious consequences. There are important things you should consider before you buy your dash cam. Such factors include;

The Field of View

A camera’s field of view is dependent on several factors such as the size of the image sensor, the type and the focal length of the lens.

Just like a typical camera, the larger the sensor the better the image, the more it views in dim light and the broader the field of view.

For example, a 1/4-inch sensor will only give a 69°-90° field of view whereas a 1/3-inch one will give about 120°. There are some extremely wide-angle devices of 180°-210° available in the market.

This may sound great but the truth is that these cameras form a fish-eye lens effect such that it is difficult to use them while reversing.

The Screen Types

Contemporary monitors are LCD, there might still be some old-fashioned CRT monitors, but the later will give poor quality videos. Among the LCD monitors, TFT LCD screens are the best ones in terms of quality.

You can choose whatever screen size you want. The bigger sizes are the better ones. Contemporary vehicles have an inbuilt SatNav device and most of them possess an auxiliary input.

Given that your car has any of these you don’t need to get a monitor. You can just plug in a compatible camera directly into the SatNav.

The Type of Rear View Cameras

There are surface mounted cameras, flush-mounted cameras and license mounted cameras. Surface-mounted cameras are the best choice for larger vehicles. These cameras are mounted on a high surface which gives them a commanding view.

Flush mounted cameras are mounted through an opening in the vehicle such that only the bezel and the lens can be seen. The camera is level and well-hidden.

On the other hand, license mounted cameras are mounted on the number plate hole. This makes the installation very easy since there’s no need to drill new holes or make changes.

Presence of Image Sensors

The camera sensors are of two types: CCD and CMOS. CCD sensors give better quality videos while CMOS work in dimly lit places. Cameras with CCD sensors are pricier than the CMOS ones.

Night Vision Capability

A lot of rearview backup cameras come with infrared night vision. This allows the camera to capture clear images even in total darkness.

Final Verdict

Year after year new devices are invented and it just goes to show how technology makes life easier for human beings. The choices are endless and it all comes down to your budget and taste. Rearview mirror backup cameras are very important and necessary.

They guide you as you park or reverse your vehicle. A rearview mirror is a great investment that could save you a lot of trouble! And, finally, the ball is in your court as you choose the best dash cam for your vehicle.