BlackVue DR750S 2CH Review – Probably What You Were Looking for!

One of the most valuable things you can have in your car is a camera recorder. Something that saves everything that happens while you ride or while your vehicle is parked in the city or when you’re stranded in the middle of the road, that’s what a dashcam does. Whatever the reason, one of these recorders can be an essential safety & security product to have.

Today we will tell you all about one of these devices. In this BlackVue DR750S 2CH review, we want to explain everything it offers and what it doesn’t plus all the quirks & features you get with it. If you want to find out more about this fantastic device – then take a step further and read it all!

BlackVue DR750S 2CH Overview

Exceptional video quality, handy mounting options, and a top-notch set of features & recording modes – you can expect the BlackVue DR750S with 2-channel recording to always provide an amazing experience.

The addition of two full HD 1080P cameras in the front and rear at 60 FPS and 30 FPS accordingly, plus a set of great low-light & top clarity STARVIS sensors will make this camera one of the most useful out there.

Whether you want it to record your travels on the road, rides around the city or just parking lots for security, you’ll be able to do it with this dashcam. It leaves almost nothing to be desired, with a great set of recording modes & several quirks that will improve how much you can get from it when compared to other similar options.

You also get great storage capacity, compatibility with cloud and its own app for smartphones, plus much more. When it comes to a premium-grade camera for your car that won’t disappoint you – there aren’t many options as good as the BlackVue DR750S.

Highlighted Features of BlackVue DR750S

There’s nothing more important when buying a product than knowing what it does with precision. The following factors will help you learn more about this excellent dashcam with details:

  • Outstanding Video Quality

Apart from having a front and rear camera each capable of providing 1080p HD video quality, it is the addition of dual STARVIS sensors that improve the overall quality of this product. Both cameras are almost the same, but the front one works at 60 FPS for fast-paced recordings, and the rear one works at 30 FPS for low and medium-paced images. However, both perform exactly the same in low-light places.

This clarity performance helps you catch even the slightest of details at night. But even in the darkest areas, all the images are bright, vivid, completely visible and without oversaturation or too much sharpness.

You’ll receive ideal image & audio quality for any situation, making it perfect for a great experience with no drawbacks. Add the built-in mic, and you’ll have nothing to complain about.

  • Different Recording Modes

There are many ways to use the BlackVue DR750S. From its Intelligent Parking Mode that you can use to record everything that happens while the car is parked everywhere in the city or road to an Enhanced Night Vision Mode that brightens up the image with superb ISO sensitivity for the darkest places.

The magnificent thing, however, is that in normal mode it will only record when the camera senses unusual movement or things happening in front of it. Its Motion Detection system helps you save storage space by recording just when something strange happens. And it will automatically shut all its LEDs to prevent probable intruders from knowing the camera’s there.

  • Handy & Easy-to-Use System

If there’s a file format that almost every playback device is compatible with, it is MP4. And this is the recording format you get with this dash-cam. You’ll be able to receive exceptional video quality without any problem to watch it.

But you will have to set the camera up, picking the ideal recording mode and quality by using the BlackVue APP in your smartphone or PC. You can set many other preferences, yet it is the ability to watch the recordings while using that makes it so fantastic in the long run.

  • Huge Storage Capacity

As you should know by now, the cam records everything in MP4, which is one of the heaviest formats available. But you shouldn’t fear for storage space, as this device also comes with its own 16GB SD card so you can record up to 1 hour of continuous video without problems.

Even better than that, the camera supports microSD cards of up to 128GB for exceptional storage capacity.

With its optimized file system, you won’t have to worry about the memory getting full though. It will immediately delete old files when the card is full, preventing the most important data from being deleted as well. And what will impress you, the device allows you to tweak video settings in already saved files so you can minimize storage size & more to increase capacity.

  • Convenient Set of Features

Apart from an amazing system and incredible storage options, this dash-cam still manages to come with various features that will make it outstandingly convenient. One of these is the built-in GPS, as it records videos by letting you know where they were taken.

One of the most beneficial features is the BlackVue Cloud, which you can use alongside its smartphone & PC app to watch already recorded videos via Wi-Fi whenever you need to.

It will record live video and audio and send it to the smartphone or PC while allowing the person to communicate via built-in mic & speaker. When it comes to convenience, this dash-cam won’t disappoint you.

What We Liked About It

  • Unbeatable video recording quality with dual camera options
  • Excellent recording modes for unusual events, parking or night time
  • Top-notch storage capacity with the compatible file format for handiness
  • An outstanding set of convenient features for safety & easy operation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only 16GB of internal storage space can be a little small for most users
  • Motion & proximity sensors may stop working from time to time

Frequently Asked Questions

Dash-cams are complicated products to choose when you have doubts. To prevent you from getting the wrong product or making an unnecessary purchase, here are a few questions you may need answers for:

Q: How can you connect the DR750S BlackVue to your car?

A: You can either connect it to the cigar jack or hard-wire it to the car using its Magic Power Pro feature. Surely, hardwiring the device will be way more reliable and safe than connecting it to the cigar jack.

Q: Is it easy to detach/uninstall the camera whenever needed?

A: Yes, the camera slides out of the mounting system pretty easily with a little force and clamps.

Q: How much recording time does the internal memory offer?

A: In the highest quality with the front camera (1080p at 60FPS), you can record up to 1 hour and a few minutes. In the lowest quality settings (720p at 30FPS), you may record up to 4 hours without problems.

Q: Does the camera offer any video editing options?

A:  You won’t be able to tweak the recordings in many ways apart from just video quality. But you can download the videos still and edit them however you prefer if needed.

Q: Can you use any microSD card over 128GB?

A: Some users have reported the use of different 256GB SD cards without any issues, so it is possible but not something recommended/ideal as it could interfere with the system.

Final Words

After reading our entire BlackVue DR750S 2CH review, you are probably wondering whether this dash-cam is a great purchase or not. Well, it all comes down to what you’re looking for and what you expect from it.

It comes with several features and a ton of image quality plus many safety & security options to enjoy. Yet, it is not the smoothest option out there. If this is enough for you – then you shouldn’t waste more of your time and get it now.