Dash Cam Installation Cost You Need To know Before Buying Any Dash Cam

So, you have decided to buy a dash camera to install in your vehicle?

Well,  then you should now know dash cam installation cost. Getting a dash cam actually is a really good investment as undisputable video evidence can save your money on possible legal issues in the long run.

You cannot guarantee that you won’t become a part of a road accident tomorrow, so taking measures to be able to prove your innocence should be done if possible.

Buying a dash cam, as with any other product, you need to first determine your budget. Only then will you be able to look into specific models, shortlist them, and make your final choice.

And, figuring out the installation costs of a dash cam is the first step you need to do. The installation cost includes the dash cam itself obviously.

Additionally, depending on the model, you may need to purchase memory cards and hardware kits to get the dash cam working.

Lastly, for adhesive-mounted models, you should think about additional adhesive tape if the model you want to get only comes with tape enough for one use.

Let’s examine dash cam installation costs thoroughly, one by one

Dash Cam Installation Cost

Over 90% of your installation costs will be taken up by the dash cam’s price. The dash camera is an essential component of the system, so you should approach the process of its choice seriously.

The price range of modern dash cams varies quite significantly. You can find models between $100 and $600, and some dash cams cost even more.

With such a variety of prices, making the right pick becomes increasingly important. The very first thing you need to do is determine your budget. Know precisely how much money you are ready to spend on a dash cam and its necessary accessories.

Keeping track of your financial capabilities can be more important than getting the dash cam best suits your needs because you will probably not be able to always get whatever you want.

If you didn’t buy your desired dash cam, then click the link and select one from the best front and rear dash cam. The $100-200 dash cams are the simplest models, but they can be quite different.

They usually do not offer such features as mobile connectivity or rear IR lights (if the dash cam is a dual channel), so they will lack some convenience and won’t be suitable for very specific applications like looking after the cabin in a taxi.

Cheaper cameras lack footage quality as well. The higher you go up the price, the better the recording quality becomes and the wider the feature range is.

Looking for a dash cam with mobile connectivity via Wi-Fi, GPS capabilities, rear cam IR lights, and inbuilt Advanced Driver Assistance System?

Cool, such a model will cost at least $300.

Memory Card Cost

The next thing you will probably need to spend money on is a memory card. The “probably” is because some models come with memory cards while others don’t.

Models with included memory cards can be slightly more expensive, but the price depends more on the specifications of the dash cam itself.

Let’s assume that the model you get doesn’t come with a memory card. Then, the amount of money you will have to spend will depend on your requirements.

If you need to save hours of videos, you will need to go for more capacious cards.

With storage, the price will increasingly inflate. While a 128GB class 10 MicroSD or SD card typically costs around $50, a 256GB model will cost around $100 and more!

As for 64GB and fewer cards, the price usually lies around $20-30.

Hardwiring Kit Cost

You will need to hardwire your dash cam to your vehicle if you want the device to be powered constantly. That will be necessary for the parking mode, among other features.

If your dash cam doesn’t come with a hardwiring kit, you will probably need to get one, though it is not obligatory.

The average hardwiring kit costs around $10. As you can see, unlike memory cards, a hardwiring kit doesn’t affect the budget as substantially.

Adhesive Tape/Stickers Cost

If your dash cam is mounted via adhesive tape or stickers, you may need to buy some. Besides, why not have more adhesive tape just in case?

Getting additional adhesive is not that necessary as most dash cameras come with enough of it for couple uses. Besides, maybe you will just install the dash cam and forget about it!

But if you do decide to get additional adhesive, you will need to spend around $10 and more, depending on the length of the tape/number of stickers. A 10-piece sticker set or a couple of dozens of feet of tape should cost around $10-15, as we already mentioned.

That’s it for the dash cam installation costs! Above were the most necessary first-time use things you will need to spend your money on. Try to buy the most expensive dash cam you can get, but don’t forget about its functions.

For example, if you can afford a $600 camera but only need the features of a $300 model, buy the latter.

Remember, the best dash cam is the combination of the best price with the most necessary features. You should not try to save on the required functions or buy something that you don’t need. Good luck!

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