Falcon Zero F360+ Review | Dual 1080P 3.5-Inch Camera

Tired of regular-design dash cams? Meet Falcon Zero F360+

This dashcam is actually a full-size rear mirror that is mounted via clamping on your vehicle’s rear window. Its build delivers serious benefits, which we are going to examine shortly.

Anyways, in the scope of our Falcon Zero F360+ review, we will thoroughly go through every single feature of this falcon zero touch HD dashcam.

We will cover both beautiful advantages and pretty sad disadvantages of this device. Besides, we prepared answers to some frequently asked questions.

Falcon Zero F360+ ReviewImportant Features of  Falcon Zero F360+

Video and Audio Recording

F360+ comes with front and rear cameras, recording footage in Full HD. In addition, the cameras have a 120-degree view angle, which delivers a good balance of field of view and number of details. Both of the cameras are 180-degree rotatable as well.

Both cameras have night vision capabilities, which makes falcon zero f360+ HD a great pick for those who want to have interior clips and shots. Perfect for taxi drivers!

Besides, F360+ records audio with the built-in microphone, which you can easily mute if you wish to.

Safety Features of F360+

Unfortunately, F360+ doesn’t come with such exceptionally useful features like parking mode and G-sensors. It only comes with loop recording.

What is the loop recording? Once your dashcam runs out of memory, it will start deleting your oldest videos in order to save the current clip. Loop recording allows you to not worry about the safety of your footage.

As for the absence of G-sensor and parking mode, we think that it is quite a serious drawback. Let us explain what they are so you understand what we mean.

In parking mode, while the engine is off, the cameras will start recording upon detection motion. This feature is perfect for car scratching and car keying. The G-sensors immediately lock your video from being overwritten in case of an accident.

This function makes sure that you won’t lose your footage when you need it the most.

You can actually somewhat replace the parking mode if you keep the camera on when parked. But you will need to hardwire the camera for it to get power because the internal battery has around a 5-minute charge.

Even then, they will not be the same as in parking mode, the dashcam records when necessary while with described method, you will get hours and hours of video, if your SD card fits them, of course.

Now, what do you do without those features? If you don’t really worry about it, F360+ will indeed be a great buy. Otherwise, you will probably need to look for another dash cam.

Display Quality 

F360+ comes with an inbuilt 3.5-inch color TFT LCD display. It will allow you to see the camera view or watch the previously recorded footage. Speaking of viewing videos, you can connect F360+ to your TV via mini HDMI cable to comfortably examine it.

Memory Capacity

F360+ supports up to 32GB class 10 SD cards. This is not so much, especially when compared with 128GB and more dash cams. This model will probably lack storage if you will be needing to record hours and hours of your trips and need to have every second of it.

Falcon Zero F360+ comes with a 32GB class 10 UHS1 memory card, so no need to buy one for the dashcam to work.


The mount is possibly the most noteworthy feature of F360+. This dashcam is mounted to your rear mirror via clamps. Actually, F360+ is a really big rear mirror itself!

The large mirror provides you with a clear rearview. While the display is located in the center of the mirror, it doesn’t limit the visibility.

A great benefit of the rear-mirror design of F360+ is that it won’t obscure your view as much as a windshield or dashboard-mounted models would.

Additionally, as some jurisdictions prohibit the installation of windshield or dashboard devices, F360+ will be a great choice! But you should consult with your local law office anyway to make sure that you won’t get pulled over.

Heat Resistance Capacity of F360

F360+ mirror-clamp design allows it to avoid direct sunlight. This means that it won’t get as hot as other models, making F360+ a good option for hot climates.

But keep in mind that the battery of the dashcam is a weak spot in the device’s heat resistance.

Generally, Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries do not get along with heat very well, thus their short lifespan. Remember this when choosing this dashcam.


  • F360+ is a big rear mirror with cameras and control panel!
  • Records footage in 1080p with 120-degree viewing angle.
  • Both camera units are 180-degree rotatable.
  • Has IR night mode for good interior visibility.
  • Loop recording makes sure your last video gets saved.
  • Has inbuilt 3.5-inch display.
  • Supports up to 32GB memory cards. Includes one.
  • Comes with 2 sets of power accessories for 2 vehicle use.
  • Is positioned away from direct sunlight.


  • Has no parking mode and G-sensors with auto video lock.
  • Only 32GB of memory capacity.
  • Difficult to mount if the vehicle doesn’t have a rear mirror.
  • The battery is a weak spot of dash cam’s heat resistance.

Important Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between the F360 and this model?

F360+ comes with two sets of power accessories, while F360 offers only one. Otherwise, the dash cams are identical.

  • Will this camera record behind the car outside?

No, you cannot freely move the cameras, so you can only capture the rear interior view.

  • Can this dashcam be hardwired?

Yes, you can hardwire it.

Final Word

So what is Falcon Zero F360+exactly and how does it do? Yes, it has an interesting and quite convenient design and captures high-quality video. But is it enough for you to consider buying this dashcam?

No parking mode and onboard G-sensors, extremely useful safety features, adds some bitterness to the dashcam. Most of the similarly priced cams have them!

That minus won’t be essential if you only need to record and view footages. ButF360+ has IR lights, which is something that the majority of affordable dash cams don’t have.

Is the absence of the aforementioned safety features the price of the inbuilt IR?

Maybe it is. But that doesn’t mean that F360+ is a bad dashcam! It is just unique. And if that uniqueness amazed you, why not go and buy this gorgeous piece of technology? The choice is after you!