How to Fix Dash Cam Memory Card Error

Bought a dash cam and can’t get it working because it doesn’t work with your SD card?

Get error messages like “memory card error” or “wrong cluster size”? If so, you should know about some necessary steps to resolve the memory card issues.

Generally, there can be two reasons for the faulty memory card operation. Your card is either wrongly formatted or just damaged.

While the first issue is actually quite easy to resolve, for the second one, you will probably need to buy a new memory card.

For format errors, you should format your memory card.

You can do this on your computer via the inbuilt tool of your operating system, be it Windows or MacOS. First, insert your memory card into the card reader.

To format your SD card on Windows, you need to: Open My Computer (This PC in Windows 10).

Right click on the memory card under “Devices and drives” and choose “Format”.

Set the file system to FAT32 and set the allocation unit size to 32kilobytes. Click “Start” at the bottom.

For Mac OS, do these steps:

Step 1: Launch the “Disk Utility” application in Applications > Utilities or use Shift-Command-U from the finder.

Select the SD card from the list of mounted devices on the left column. Select the card itself and not its partitions, which appear below if they exist. Select “Erase” from the options across the top of the window.

Now, select the MS-DOS (FAT) format. Click “Erase” in the bottom of the dialogue window.

Formatting will take some time depending on the memory capacity of your SD card. Besides the built-in system tools, you can use other formatting programs.

Step 2: While with under 32GB memory cards, formatting may be not necessary, you will probably need to format your 64GB and more SD card. Some of the dash cams do not read them properly, resulting in error messages and the inability to save footage.

You could actually format your memory card before first use just in case regardless of its storage capacity.

Step 3: Besides formatting issues, you can actually have problems with your memory card itself. For example, SanDisk memory cards are not recommended for use in dash cams.

Some manufacturers even void the warranty if you use a SanDisk SD card! That’s because their memory cards are not suitable for such excessive read/write applications. Look for at least 10 class card instead like Samsung Evo models.

Step 4: If your memory card has been used for quite some time, chances are that it can no longer satisfy the needs of constant read/write of HD and Full HD videos.

You can just insert a different memory card into your dash cam to see if it really is the old card behaving funny. If it is, look for a new card.

With these steps, you should be able to resolve the most general issues for your memory card. But keep in mind that the above methods are not omnipotent because the problem can depend on a number of factors. Just keep looking, and you will find the reason for the issue. Good luck!

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