Garmin 35 Dash Cam Review

Garmin is a brand that never disappoints, no matter if you talk about its wearable devices, it’s GPS or the amazing vehicle cameras. Here, however, we come with a Garmin 35 Dash Cam review so you can learn more about this fantastic and reliable product.

For its affordability, small size, but an incredible set of features and video quality – you won’t get many options to compete with it. This device takes a step further into delivering an exceptional experience, but it may also disappoint you in a few areas. As we want you to be thoroughly familiar with what it offers, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about it and more. Read up and learn!

Garmin 35 Dash Cam Overview

Garmin Dash Cam 35
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Garmin Dash Cam 35
  • FORWARD COLLISION WARNING - Alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • RED LIGHT & SPEED CAMERA WARNINGS - Alerts you to nearby red light cameras or speed cameras (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • INCIDENT DETECTION - G-Sensor automatically saves footage of incidents on impact.
  • SNAPSHOT - Allows you to take still images, from inside or outside your vehicle, to capture close-up collision damage.
  • DASH CAM PLAYER - Play back footage right on the display, or use our free Dash Cam Player to review later on your computer.

Maybe among the easiest-to-use dash cams, you will find, the Garmin 35 comes with all kinds of features and quirks to make you completely satisfied. It starts with a 3.0-inches LCD screen where you can watch every recording live, set-up the camera according to your needs, and takes photos, views recorded files, and more. All of this by using the push buttons on the sides.

But the quality doesn’t end in its wide LCD screen, as it also comes with superb image quality at 1080p, offering a wide-angle recording capacity so you can capture as much as possible of every street you pass through. And when you add the GPS feature, you can include all the pertinent location & time data to all your videos and photos.

There are also many different recording abilities, including the motion sensor and GPS feature. You can also make use of the driver awareness system that alerts you when something dangerous may happen and an immediate automatic option using a G-Sensor for after-accident recording.

Even in the darkest areas with the low-light and nighttime image quality, the superb convenient design, excellent operative system, and its magnificent storage options with microSD – this camera never disappoints.  If you want something reliable at all times, this dash cam is the one to go for.

Highlighted Features of the Garmin 35 Dash Cam

If you want to be more familiar with what this camera offers, you’ll have to know more about its features. And for us, these are the ones that stand out the most:

  • Top-notch Visuals

You’ll be able to record video & photos at either 1080p FULL HD or 720p if you want to save storage space. Everything is recorded at 30fps, which is not the best speed but more than enough if you want to get reliable video at all times.

All the video will go to the MicroSD card, either the 4GB that comes with the device or any other replacement up to 64GB. Whatever you pick, the quality will be outstanding, with exceptionally sharp images both in low-light environments and the brightest ones.

  • Useful System Features

There’s a wide array of features you get with the system of the camera, yet the most useful is the Dash Cam Player you can use with a PC or with the 3-inches LCD screen. This player allows you to rewind, pause, fast-forward and even mark all the files you store. It is entirely easy-to-use and free, and even lets you share captures of the videos with your friends or via social media.

Other features you get with this fantastic system is the GPS with tagged time, date and coordinates in the files. And if you decide, you can use apps such as BingMap or BaiduMap to create a mapping history to every file recorded.

  • Excellent Recording Abilities

Alongside the GPS feature that stamps date, speed, and location of your files, you’ll also have the ability to record latitude, the direction of travel and longitude. Add this to the amazing G-Sensor that stores video & image after an incident, and you’ll have a fantastic device all around. Even if the storage is full, the device will overwrite old files to save when proof of unwanted situations.

The device will work as a witness to accidents or eventful situations, making it the perfect road partner.

  • Reliable Safety Warnings

Working like a witness is not enough for the Garmin 35, it also works as a co-pilot with warnings for whenever there’s a red light you don’t see, or when you surpass the speed limit when there’s a probable collision and more. It will even take a snapshot whenever an accident happens, so you have first-hand proof of whatever occurs in the road.

  • Easy to Use and Install

You can install this device in a matter of minutes using the circular adhesive patch. This is a slight advantage over suction cups as it demands little to no effort, but won’t be able to get it off for long. Yet, you get a second adhesive patch, so you can detach the device and put it in a different place or car

For powering it up, you get a long cable that you can connect to the cigar lighter. You may also do it via USB if needed. Whatever you pick, though, you’ll have an outstanding experience setting it up with the set of four buttons on the side. When it comes to handiness and versatility, this dash cam will impress you.

What We Liked About It

  • Outstanding recording features with G-Sensor & GPS
  • The very straightforward installation process with intuitive design
  • Exceptional safety warnings for a more secure & reliable experience
  • Impressive image quality both at night and day for perfect results

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks additional features such as parking mode & safety options
  • The adhesive mounting sticker can be a little inconvenient for some users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this camera have a navigation GPS?

A: No, the internal GPS in the dash cam works to give your files data such as date, location, longitude, altitude, and direction. But you will not be able to use it as a navigation system.

Q: Is the Garmin 35 resistant to hot or cold areas?

A: No, you will have to keep the device protected from extreme temperatures if you want a reliable performance. Otherwise, the dash cam may stop working correctly within a few weeks or even days.

Q: Can you record things when the car parks?

A: No, this device does not come with parking monitoring or similar features. It will completely shut down as soon as you turn the car off.

Q: Does the Garmin 35 come with an internal battery?

A: Yes, there’s a long-lasting internal battery you can use whenever you don’t want to keep the device plugged in. This battery can work for up to 30 minutes when it’s recording and up to 90 minutes with a low-profile mode.

Q: Can you record audio with the Garmin 35?

A: No, this dash cam does not offer a built-in microphone for recording audio. You will only have photos and audio-free video.

Bottom Line

You’ll have an impressive device that tries not to make a fuss. It is reliable, small, easy-to-use and completely quality-oriented. The images you’ll receive will undoubtedly come very useful, and the features it has will not let you down. However, this device could bring more to the table for its price.

After this Garmin 35 Dash Cam review, we can easily tell you this camera is not a bad choice. But if you want more functionality and even better results, there are a few more decent options to go for. Otherwise, this one will do just fine.