Garmin 45 Dash Cam Review – One of A Kind Performer!

Cheap dash cams are always great choices to go for if you are on a low budget. But there’s nothing more useful than a medium-grade device that doesn’t disappoint. If you can afford it, these mid-price options are often the best you can get. And inevitably, they come with everything they are supposed to and probably much more.

Today we are going to explain one of the best mid-range options from Garmin. With its functionality, excellent image quality, and overall reliability – this brand manages to go over the top and deliver one of the best products in the market. In this Garmin 45 Dash Cam review, you’ll learn what this brand is capable of achieving when it comes to dash-cams.

Key Features of Garmin 45 Dash Cam

Garmin Dash Cam 45, 1080p 2.0' LCD Screen, Extremely Small GPS-enabled Dash Camera with Loop Recording, G-Sensor and Driver Alerts, Includes Memory Card
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Garmin Dash Cam 45, 1080p 2.0" LCD Screen, Extremely Small GPS-enabled Dash Camera with Loop Recording, G-Sensor and Driver Alerts, Includes Memory Card
  • Extremely small GPS-enabled dash cam, inconspicuous when magnetically mounted on windshield
  • High-quality 2. 1 megapixel camera with 1080P video capture; works even in low-light conditions
  • Forward collision and lane departure warnings (certain conditions may impair warning function). Plus, alerts for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras (not available in all regions)
  • GPS-enabled with automatic incident detection (G-Sensor) saves video footage on impact to show when and where events happened.Display resolution:320 x 240 pixels
  • Notice: Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this device.

A small dash cam that looks like a standard one, with a rectangular prism & design plus a cylindrical part where the lens is at – this camera is low-profile but still delivers excellent image quality. You can make use of its 50mm screen, use its micro USB connector for transferring files & charging, and eventually use the buttons to the side for adjustments and set-up.

You will encounter several factors that increase the value of this camera despite its mid-range capacity. One of these features is the Travelapse, ideal for recording time-lapse videos. You also get several other modes, including Parking Mode and Motion Detection Mode so you can achieve the perfect recording depending on what you’re looking for.

There’s also a GPS and several driver alerts, making the dash-cam not only quality-oriented but also useful. The interface system is completely reliable and easy to use, it comes with several setting options, and will always provide a handy experience. Add the 64GB microSD capacity, and you’ll have a top-notch choice. This dash-cam is small but incredibly useful, one you don’t want to dismiss.

Highlighted Features of the Garmin 45

When we talk about dash-cams, there won’t be any detail more important than the features or functions it offers. As we want to help you learn as much as possible about them, here’s what you should know about it before deciding to whether to purchase it or not:

  • Hugely Convenient System

One of the main functions of the Garmin 45 is the ability to keep everything in order, provide a simple-to-use interface, and make you love what it does. It comes with a useful LCD screen and with several buttons on the side, this way you can navigate its interface and not only to watch recordings but also to set-up the camera to your liking.

The system also saves everything it records in the microSD card that you can access via USB with a computer. Here you’ll find folders and files for every video you save, depending on the recording mode you used, or if they are photos. When it comes to a handy interface, not many dash-cams are as good as this one.

  • Unbeatable Image for its Price

With a 140-degree field of view, 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution, and 30FPS – you’ll receive excellent image quality at all times. But it is not only the resolution, the speed, or the field of view, but the fantastic results you get with them after they are processed.

The image is always clear, photos are sharp as they can get, and videos are recorded in MP4, so you don’t lose any quality in the storage. Even in the nighttime, the visuals you will get will be impressive, and that’s more than enough for its price range.

  • Outstanding Camera Features

From its Wi-Fi connectivity to its VIBR Garmin App for smartphones and PCs, the wide array of features and set-up options you get with the Garmin 45 is just amazing. You even get a GPS-tagging feature that identifies each video or photo. The system also helps you change the video quality if you want to save storage space. And if you want to record things manually, there’s also an option for that.

You also get a sensor that records things when something eventful happens, and the device even gives you warnings when you depart lanes or drive too close to other cars. And when you turn on the timelapse feature, the device will record times periodically and save them as a recap of everything you saw or pass through when driving in the day. All this and much more you get with this dash cam.

  • Long-Lasting Internal Battery

Something that you get with this camera that others in the same price range don’t have is the very reliable built-in battery. It will let the dash-cam record video for up to 30 minutes or even more, so you can leave your car parked for long without losing recording ability. You can also make use of the parking monitor mode to make the battery last even longer.

  • Reliable Mounting System

A magnetic disc that attaches to the windshield plus a magnetic bottom that sticks the camera – that’s what this simple yet reliable installation system boasts. You won’t have to spend much time installing the device, just a few minutes and that’s it. Place the 4GB SD card you get with the camera in, and you’ll be able to use it. And you’ll get enough adjustability, ideal for keeping the camera pointing to your liking.

What We Liked About It

  • The unbeatable camera features with a top-notch system for convenient operation
  • Superb battery life that lasts up to 30 minutes and more without issues
  • Exceptional video & photo quality for sharp and clear results
  • The completely reliable and straightforward installation system

What We Didn’t Like

  • Gives a slightly orangey color to the nighttime video
  • May come with an annoying warning alert without cause

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Garmin 45 come with internal memory?

A: No, but you get a 4GB microSD card with the device. You can also add up to 64GB SD cards if you want more storage space.

Q: What smartphones are compatible with the Garmin 45?

A: You can hook it up with Apple & Android devices using Wi-Fi.

Q: How do you power up the dash cam?

A: The device comes with a vehicle power cable with a high-speed charger that connects to the cigarette jack, a micro USB cable for attaching it to a USB port, and a parking mode cable, so it works in park mode. It also has an internal battery that offers up to 30 minutes of continuous wire-free operation.

Q: Can you watch previously recorded footage with the camera?

A: Yes, you only need to browse its interface and look for the playback feature. Otherwise, you can connect it to a smartphone or PC and browse through its recorded files.

Q: Does the Garmin 45 come with a built-in mic?

A: Yes, all Garmin dash cams come with an internal microphone. You can also buy the Garmin 45 with Voice Control so you can use the mic as an interface for adjusting and setting up the device.

Bottom Line

This dash cam is no joke, as you can see in this Garmin 45 Dash Cam review. Despite not being the most affordable in the market, it still manages to offer basic and premium quality features without issues.

Despite its small disadvantage in image stabilization and nighttime video, it’s still a top-notch option for anyone. If you want a great product without breaking your wallet, this one is a perfect choice.