Garmin 55 Dash Cam Review – Good Enough for a Go?

Low and medium quality dash cams are always great if you are on a low budget or just don’t want to have the best of the best, but something decent. But if you are someone who wants superb quality in every way and the finest performance in the market, then the Garmin 55 will come like a gem.

In this Garmin 55 Dash Cam review, we want to show you as many features & critical info about this product so you can have a better idea before buying. Whether you want a highly reliable device or the one with the most amazing image quality, you’ll get it all with this dash cam, and much more. So take a step further and get to know everything it offers!

Garmin 55 Dash Cam Overview

If you’ve seen the previous Garmin dash cam models, you can spot the huge difference in design. This is one is easily the smallest from the brand, yet still the one with the highest-quality video. Despite its smallness, it can record 1440p video without problems. This is something you don’t get with many cameras, especially for the same price point.

The quality of the vide is not everything that’s impressive about this tiny device, but the superb driver alerts that let you down when you depart from a lane or when you’re in risk of a collision in front of you. Yet, the fantastic feature that sets this Garmin 55 dash cam from the rest is the Voice Control ability, making it easy to operate & highly convenient for the most demanding users.

You can command the camera to do whatever you want, from recording audio to take pictures and sometimes even start or stop recordings when needed. And when you pair all this up with the VIRB app compatibility and the GPS add-on, you can get one of the most convenient options in the market.

Let’s not forget it also comes with top-notch recording options for nighttime, parking cars, and much more. If you want a 3.7 MP camera that won’t fall short in quality and will deliver the utmost versatility & handiness possible, then you need to consider the Garmin 55 without a doubt.

Highlighted Features of the Garmin 55

Apart from being highly reliable and small, the device comes with a wide array of features that will surprise you. Here we talk about them in-depth so you can learn more about this fantastic dash-cam:

  • Impressive Video Quality

The wide-angle lens with the 3.7-megapixel camera will set this device apart from many others. Especially when you compare it to products with similar costs, you’ll find out that the quality you get with this one is incomparable.

The ability to record at 1440p is something you don’t get with many devices. But it is not only the resolution but the amazing clarity and brightness, especially low-light environments that will impress you. There’s no other option with such small design that will offer such image capacity – so this is an option not to overlook.

  • Totally Effortless to Use

With the broad set of features, you get with this device, using it will be a total piece of cake. You can sync the camera to your smartphone and use it via Wi-Fi. The VIRB app will let you share the videos, edit them, watch them, and even download them if needed.

But you may also use the dash cam in its mount, thanks to the 2.0-inches LCD screen with side buttons for smooth operation. Whether you want to watch stored files or simple change the recording modes and much more, this camera won’t be a problem in any way.

  • Extremely Useful Voice Control

There’s no better feature for a dash cam than voice control. The capacity to let the user use the device without touching it is something you don’t get with many cameras. And this one does it perfectly. You just need to say “Ok, Garmin” and tell the camera whether you want to start or stop a recording, take a video or picture, use any of its recording options, and much more.

  • Excellent Sensor Quality

The G-Sensor of Garmin dash cams is known for being one of the most responsive in the market. With its automatic recording function, you can record unwanted events without having to touch or talk to the device. It will immediately sense them and start creating a video file with evidence of the accident, even if the storage is already full.

Pair this up with the fantastic Travelapse feature for looping recording and the GPS option to keep the images tagged with data, and you’ll have an utterly convenient product that doesn’t disappoint.

  • Safety Driver Warnings

Safety while driving is something everyone loves. Even the most reckless drivers can make use of the driver alerts for Lane Departure, Forward Collision, Red Lights, Speed, and much more. You may want to keep yourself and others safe – so this feature will always be there for you.

What We Liked About It

  • Unmatched image quality with a 7-megapixel camera at a 1440p resolution
  • Top-notch set of driver warnings for the utmost reliability
  • Totally straightforward operative system with great features
  • Superb voice control function for a more convenient operation

What We Didn’t Like

  • Random audio or music may turn on the Voice Control feature which can be problematic
  • Mounting options are a bit unreliable

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn a little more about this device? Then reading the following questions may help you:

Q: Does the Garmin 55 come with internal memory?

A: No, but it comes with a microSD of 4GB so you can record things after installation. You may also pair it up with 64GB microSD cards for even more storage capacity.

Q: Can you move the dash cam to another windshield after installation?

A: Yes, but the adhesive sticker mounting option is almost permanent. It is essential to be sure of where to put it before doing it. This way you prevent an uncomfortable & problematic experience.

Q: Do you need to turn the camera on after starting the car?

A: No, the dash cam starts automatically as soon as you start the car.

Q: Can I use the Garmin 55 is extreme conditions?

A: Not really, but it is resistant enough to operate at up to 141ºF and as low as -4ºF.

Q: Is it necessary to hard-wire the camera to the car?

A: No, the installation system is based on a plug that connects with the cigar jack, and a micro USB connector as an alternative.

Bottom Line

After reading our Garmin 55 Dash Cam review, you may not be sure whether to get this product or not. For us, there’s probably not a better choice for its price point. If you are someone who wants reliability, excellent image quality, and useful functions – this camera will surprise you. The quality it offers is outstanding, and you won’t be disappointed. Get it now, and you won’t regret it!