GoPro vs. Dash Camera – A Head to Head Comparison

Traveling and experiencing new things, as opposed to making a lot of money, is what people aim for the most for these days. With the current age of social media, people are constantly sharing their experiences with the rest of the world to see, with the medium of photos and videos.

In recent times, there has been a huge growth in the demand for thrill-seeking. In order to capture these adventures, some of the best action cameras to use are GoPro cameras and dash cameras.

Looking for an action cam of your own? Well, look no further because, in this GoPro vs. dash camera guide, I’m here to investigate which of the two is better.

Features of GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras are the ones who started the craze among adrenalin junkies, explorers and wanderlusts alike, for action cameras. They have a high quality camera lens that can go through any situation and can be taken anywhere for anything.

GoPro Camera

  • Quality Lens

Despite their high definition lens and ability to withstand adventure, they are very light weighted. Their small size is also a great feature. This makes them extremely easy to carry when you go on various trips where maneuvering bulky items might be inconvenient.

  • Multiple Uses

Even if you aren’t into extreme sports such as mountain biking or skiing, these cameras can also save you from the extra luggage weight when you go on family trips. If you are the least bit interested in travel and outdoor activities, once you start using a GoPro, your thirst for adventure will peak.

  • Exciting Options

What makes GoPro so popular is its ability to shoot from a first-person perspective so the viewer can directly see what you see with your eyes. There are also different options for field of view, including narrow, medium, and wide, as well as options for changing the frames per second.

Advantages of Using a GoPro Camera

Below are the advantages of using a GoPro camera:

  • Made for Extreme Conditions

GoPro cameras have the ability to withstand high altitudes. You can use it to film yourself skydiving. They can also handle high water pressure so you can capture your underwater explorations.

  • Can Be Used Professionally

Besides using it for fun, GoPro cameras can be used professionally for commercials, blogs and etc. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to achieve quality content with GoPro cameras because of their remarkable lens.

  • Versatile

When buying a GoPro, you can get various types of mounts, suction cups, and stickers to attach the camera to many different device surfaces. This makes it a versatile filming experience.

Disadvantages of Using a GoPro Camera

Here are the disadvantages of using a GoPro camera:

  • Expensive

With its high-quality interface, portability, and versatility, GoPro cameras come with a steep price. They fall under the higher end spectrum of action cameras and may be quite expensive.

  • Extra Supplies

You don’t just buy a GoPro; there are many accessories and supplies that you need to buy with it in order to immerse yourself into the full experience.

  • Difficult to Set up

There is no option for playback, and the settings are also difficult to figure out. Even though it has a high-quality lens that can shoot different fields of view, there is no option for you to maintain the zooming of the lens.

Features of Dash Cameras

Another form of action cameras is dash cameras. They record small clips that can be later merged together. Many dash cams come with more than one lenses, have different types of sensors, able to film in low light, and have many other useful features. One cool feature is their ability to turn footages into a time-lapse video.

Dash Cameras

  • Data Tracking Abilities

Dash cams are like the updated versions of GPS trackers. Not only do they notify and update you on different conditions with a spoken voice, but they will record your whole journey, which you can later keep and track in a manageable file system.

  • Easy to Use

These cameras are built with a touch liquid crystal display screen that is easy to use with a simple interface. The control of your journey is completely on you with the settings readily available on this camera.

  • Saves Battery

Even with its easy access navigation controls and quality set up, it is able to save a lot of energy with its feature to function with the least amount of battery usage and make you worry less about your camera stopping to record your adventure.

Advantages of Using a Dash Camera

Below are the advantages of using a dash camera:

  • Keep Eyes on the Road

Dash cameras can be used to capture various events on the road while driving, including road accidents. This also acts as a technique for police officers to keep track of any road misdemeanors.

  • Cost-Effective

Despite its numerous uses, dash cameras are highly affordable. The price range falls under the category of inexpensive cameras. It’s great for people wanting to capture adventures on a budget.

  • Coupling Technology

Dash cameras can also be connected with other supporting devices and gadgets such as GPS and recording systems, letting you have a more controlled journey.

Disadvantages of Using a Dash Camera

Below are the disadvantages of using a dash camera:

  • Limited Usage

The functionality of a dash camera is limited. It is called a dash cam because it can only be mounted to the dashboard of your car. So it can’t really be used anywhere else without it being legally issued to do so.

  • Cannot Be Used for Entertainment

Private footage cannot be recorded, and they cannot be used for personal entertainment if you somehow happen to record a road accident that needs to be clarified by the court.

  • Prone to Theft

Automobile theft is very common these days, so for you to leave your dash cam mounted inside your car can be risky and can make it prone to be stolen.

Which One to Choose?

Both the GoPro and dash cameras have the option to be connected to many different items such as headgears, bikes, or basically anything that will be moving with you.

However, in most places, there needs to be special permission taken in order to use a dash cam, and it is only limited to be used in cars.

With GoPro’s uncountable usage and an incredible number of features, it makes it worth the price. The possibilities with GoPro cameras are endless, and it clearly marks it as the winner of action cameras.


Whether you choose to buy a GoPro or a dash cam, it all comes down to the most important thing; does it influence and inspire you to go out, explore, and capture your moments? That’s what matters the most. I hope this article helped you figure it out!

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