How To Hide A Dash Cam Properly | 9 Easy Steps

Dash cams have become useful in the modern times after it has proven life-saving and for the purpose of retrospection in case any untoward incidents. The significance of dashboard camera focuses mainly on recording the rear and front views of the pathways while driving.

Dashboard camera is a pair of monitors that uses recorders and sensors to collect data through sunlight and interference, installed inside a car’s windshield or the dashboard. So, both the exterior and interior of the car are easily recorded while driving with the most convenience.

The data can be recorded in any form – as DVD data, as video or can be transferred into different devices like smartphones and tablet PCs. These recording features are continuous, recording all-time the activities inside and outside the front and rear of the car in 360 degrees.

Dash cams come in different models and configurations, often delivering HD and ultra HD footages. The dash cams come in useful while facing any legal issues in court or with police. Because it provides a lot of details about road accidents and the number plate of surrounding cars during the event.

If the device is placed correctly and you know how to use a dash cam, then vandalism and rash driving can be easily traced, which sometimes lead to dire consequences.

Now, let’s have a look at how to hide the congested wires and cables inside the car, so as to make it easier the installation purpose.

Instruction to Hide the Dash Cam Wires

After installing the dash cam, cords of the cam can make the interior look untidy. Herein, you need to hide the cords of cam efficiently to both keep dash cam safe and enhance the interior view. It would also be easy to handle the wires in order to keep the neatness and congeniality. Contrarily, compromising with the network of wires can lead to hampered connections and transmission of footages.

Steps in this article are duly researched and penned down on basis of personal experience. They can change according to car models and also heavily depend on dash cam dimensions.

Materials Needed: Here is a list of what you need to go through the easy process.

  • Dash Camera Power Cord (usually comes with dash cam)
  • Tape (electrical tape)
  • Cable Clips (easily available at stores)
  • Glue

Before Starting to hide to the cord, first, fix the dash camera to the windshield or at the back of the rear mirror. Clean the windshield or rear mirror before attaching the suction cup to it. Once done, follow the following procedure:

Step 1

Take the cord and make it run behind the headliner. Back it with electrical tapes wherever required. Use a color which suits the cords(black is recommended). You can also attach the cords to the wire that goes from rear mirror to headliner.

Step 2

Lip is an area where the roof of the car meets the windshield. Tuck the cords above it. This way it can be hidden from plain sight without any efforts. Use tapes and cable clips or gum to hang and attach the cords properly.

Step 3

Run the cord behind the lip, as we discussed in step 2, to where headliner ends.  Then curve it downwards at the corner. Attach it with glue or tape around the corner. In many vehicles, you don’t even need to fasten it, but in many, you will have to.

Step 4

Attach the cord to the edge where windshield and vehicle interior meet. Use tape so that cords don’t look odd and match with the interior background color.

Step 5

Once you finish attaching the cord in step 4, run the cord towards the dashboard along with the edge. Use glue or cable clip to attach the cord to the dashboard. Remember dashboard is clearly visible to others in your car, make it tidy by blending it with the background color. Again, many cars don’t need cords to be fastened along the edge, but yours may require it to be.

Step 6

Wrap the cord around corners of the dashboard.

Step 7

Tuck the wire into the area which gets covered when the door gets closed. Fasten it with tapes, clips or gum. The cables will easily hide when the door closes. So you need not worry about it.

 Step 8

Run the cord down to the floor mat and conceal it. You need to tuck it with the help of gum or clips to make cords attack more tightly. Another method is to hide it under the glove box instead of the mat. Follow whatever you deem good. Look for any slacks in the cord. If any, tape it right there or just simply coil it.

Step 9

Run cord up to the cigarette lighter or socket in your car. It can vary depending upon your car and hardware you chose to install.

If you feel this method is a bit cumbersome and needs much time, you simply can visit your nearest garage. They will take care of it, as they have experience in installing dash cams. Here’s a video that can help below:


You can also contact other auto-electricians who have experience in dealing with car interior.

Other alternatives include installing a wireless dash cam such as digital cameras. You just need to fix them at a proper place, and there is no need of dealing with cords or wires while installing it.

Hopefully, this describes how to hide a dash cam in your car with the minimum effort and hassles. Cheers!

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  1. What if the cord of the dash cam will not stay in the lip
    Of the headliner? Mine keeps falling and I don’t want to use tape unless I absolutely have to.


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