How To Use A Dash Cam Correctly – Beginners’ Guide

There is a  growing demand for using dash cameras in cars. And today, there are a lot of methods and ways of properly installing the cam, which suits all the budget range and personalized needs. We have discussed here How To Use A Dash Cam Properly.

We will discuss throughout the key elements of the proper use and installation of a dashcam in the car. Do not worry, because it applies to every range of models and configurations.

The truth is, installation is not tough. You can either choose to connect it to the cigarette socket or buy new hardware and connect to fuse box on your dashboard.

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Instructions for Beginners

A dashboard camera is supposed to be installed and mounted on the dashboard of a car. The camera is widely used for covering and recording footage both inside and outside the car. Its use and services depend upon the model and features of the camera.

People are getting benefits from the features of dashcam technology, which equips their cars with the necessary security tools, that reduces the risks of accidents. Thus, it is highly useful to install the dashboard camera in your vehicles.

You can also review your driving footage to know and amend shortcomings in your driving.

Functions of the Dashboard Camera

A dash camera is specialized cam equipment, used for the record of the front and rear end of a vehicle’s path. Many models of the camera are available in different modes and sizes, depending upon the need of car and drivers. It ranges from low to high resolutions, capturing different views and fronts.

Dash Cam

The highly advanced features of such recording gadgets include GPS, audio record, and versatile overlays on footages. The dashcam is active whether the car is moving or stationary.

What Model and Features You Must Consider Before Using a Dash Cam?

Video quality is the most essential feature that any driver or individual should look into before buying any model of the dashcam. The number plate capturing feature is an additional advantage which ultimately proves as evidence for future references.

As the price of the camera goes high, the sensor quality and sensitivity improve. The lens becomes durable and helps in high resolutions.

You high budget will also bring high storage capacity and facilities like GPS and accelerometer.

How to Use Resolution of the Dash?

The anti-glare lenses essentially keep the quality of the video high, therefore the dashcam is often equipped with such quality lenses. It helps to overcome the fuzzy images, thus making it a clear case for the drivers who are victims of accidents where the culprit ran off after the crash due to unclear number plates.

A high resolution will definitely take more spaces of your memory storage. But it is recommended that you go with the highest given resolution while on the road to capture crisp and clear footage.

How to Utilize the Dash Cam Storage?

MicroSD is the principle storage mode in the dash cams. Users must carefully read the manuals in the boxed package prior to the use. The card is necessarily a high speed one, as high-quality footages are being read. We instruct and advise you to use class 10 SanDisk Micro SD card for the purpose.

Average users often use a 4GB SD card for storing 4 hours of high-quality footage. Thus, making you use the last 4 hours of driving footage. The dashcam usually supports up to 128GB of storage cards.

What Should You Know about Sensors?

The sensor is the working element of the dash camera. In a nutshell, it is the most dynamic part of the whole setup. Sensors capture the light from different sources and convert them into data to make a high-quality video out of footages.

The high-end sensors tend to focus more on the footage quality and video images captured. For crystal clear video, try to buy branded equipment with high-quality sensors and configurations.

Use of Sensors in Uneven Driving Standards

The high-end features of the sensors become useful at the nighttime driving and sometimes in bright conditions. A wide dynamic range of devices available creates multiple images under different brightness conditions, interfacing a clear image on the screen.

Drivers do not need to worry about the bright and low conditions, it self-adjusts the brightness conditions when you come out of sun suddenly and provides optimum images and footages.

HDR cameras possess high-end light sensors for the production of vibrant footage’s while driving the car. Also, the newly introduced CMOS sensors can achieve outstanding images in diverse lighting conditions, any time of the day or night.

Use Wi-Fi in the Dash Cam

Wi-Fi is an inbuilt facility in the dash cams for exchanging information or data with other devices. You can easily transfer data to the smartphones and tablet computers, eliminating the need to connect to PC.

This can help in case of accidents when the dash camera suffers damage. The data can be accessed and analyzed for rectifying the causes. This may help you back your insurance claim and even lodge a complaint against the reckless driver with whom you met with an accident.

How Much Does the Dash Cam Costs?

The average dash camera costs around $100, which includes the essential features required while driving as safety measures. The other accessories of the camera are important and come reasonably under your budget plans.

How can it benefit you?

  • Gives you a broader view of coming vehicles, and also vehicles at the back
  • Helps you record your journey
  • Can keep track of your journey and location to access later
  • It can help you record your journey and you can store it as a memorable one
  • Video evidence can be provided to insurance companies in case of an accident
  • Help spot local uncouth drivers, and assists in reporting them to authorities
  • You can keep an eye on your children while they are driving through GPS and live feed
  • You can capture unexpected moments like some accidents and help the victim to get justice

Wrapping up, to get the most out of your cameras on the car, you have to know about its components and usage first. And to know well about these, also read on How to Install the Dash Cam, the Best Position to Mount Your Dash Cam, and how to do the wiring. Ta-da!


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