LG Innotek LGD521 Review | Packed with Excellent Features?

Apart from being quite popular nowadays, dash cameras are actually quite helpful, especially in proving your innocence in a car accident. That’s why buying a dash cam is a great investment.

If you are looking for one, we have a good choice for you, and that is LG Innotek LGD521. Welcome to our LG Innotek review!

Here, we will examine the awesome features of LG Innotek LGD521 and draw a little comparison between it and another model by LG, BBDB-FF02E. We have answers to some frequently asked questions as well.

Now, let’s get started with our LG Innotek LGD521 review!

LG Innotek LGD521 Review

LG Innotek LGD521

Video and Audio Recording

LG Innotek LGD521 features two cameras; front, and rear. The front unit captures in Full HD with 130-degree view angle while the rear cam captures footage in HD with a 120-degree angle.

LGD521 offers quite a good balance of the field of view as the 120-130 degrees will allow you to get some well-detailed videos, unlike dash cams with too wide view angle.

Although LG Innotek LGD521 doesn’t have a dedicated night recording mode, it delivers fairly good footage. But with the rear camera, the absence of night vision will be quite obvious.

You won’t be able to clearly see your interior in low-light conditions as the rear unit doesn’t have IR lights, so LGD521 will probably be not suitable for those who want to look after their vehicle’s cabin any time during the day.

Moving on, LGD521 features an inbuilt microphone to record audio. You can mute the mic, which will be especially useful if there are some legal restrictions on audio recording in your area.

Nonetheless, we have a pillar article about dual channel dash cam that is definitely worth a check!

Safety Features

LG Innotek LGD521 comes with a plethora of safety features. Some of them cannot be found even in high-end cameras! Let’s examine them one by one.

The first and most useful feature is the parking mode. When parked, any motion outside will trigger the motion sensors of the dash cam. Then, your front and rear dash cameras will start recording until the sensors no longer detect any motion.

Its parking mode works great against car keying and cat scratching. The dash cam also allows you to control the sensitivity of the sensors.

Keep in mind that in order for the parking mode to work, the dash cam will need to be powered even when the engine is off. Hardwiring your dash camera is the most efficient option.

Another nice feature is the auto voltage cut-off, which prevents car battery discharge.

The Format Free function will allow you to avoid manually formatting the memory card. Usually, you have to manually format the memory card every once in a while to prevent the dash cam from stopping working with it. No need to do that with LGD521!

With the automatic power shut down at high temperature, this dash cam won’t get damaged by excessive heat conditions.

The last noteworthy function of LGD521 is loop recording, which will let you forget about freeing storage space for your new videos.

With this feature, the dash cam will automatically delete the oldest video files, should the camera run out of storage. Loop recording makes sure that you always have storage to save your footage in case of an accident.

Memory Capacity

LG Innotek LGD521 supports up to 128GB MicroSD cards, which makes this dash cam a nice suit for those drivers who often make long trips. For such journeys, one would need a more capacious memory card, which you can easily use with LGD521.

By the way, this dash cam automatically formats new cards, so you won’t need to do it manually on a computer. Additionally, LGD521 comes with either 32 or 64GB memory card, which will be pretty enough for most of the people.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Maybe the most convenient feature of LG Innotek LGD521 is its mobile connectivity via Wi-Fi. With it, there is no need to take out the memory card to view and even share live your footage.

You can easily do that on the spot with your mobile device! LGD521 supports Android and iOS, so there should be no issues with compatibility with your smartphone or tablet.


LG Innotek LGD521 is mounted with adhesive tape. The adhesive mount has several advantages over regular suction mounts. It is much more reliable and heat-resistant.

Besides, the vibrations of the vehicle won’t result in the unbearable stuttering of the footage. The downside of the adhesive mount is that it can be used only once, so if you don’t manage to position the dash cam properly on the first try, you will have to use new adhesive tape.

One-time adhesive tape doesn’t allow you to frequently move the dash cam from one vehicle to another, so make sure you won’t be doing it before buying LGD521.

Heat Resistance

LG Innotek LGD521 is one of the most heat-resistant dash cams you can find. With its high-temperature protection, it can operate at temperatures between -20 and 70C (-4 to 158F).

In addition, as we already mentioned, the auto shut off at high temperatures will prevent the dash cam from overheating in extreme heat conditions.

However, there is one weak spot in the heat resistance of LGD521. As a power source, it features a regular battery. While it has more charge than capacitors, the battery lacks heat resistance.

The durable housing of the dash cam will be capable of protecting the battery from overheating, but that is just another important thing to keep in mind.


  • Records footage in 1080p/720p.
  • Wide front/rear angle of 130/120 degrees.
  • Inbuilt microphone with a mute option.
  • Parking mode to look after your car while you are away.
  • Auto voltage cut-off to prevent car battery discharge.
  • The Format Free function will allow you to avoid manually formatting your memory card.
  • Has auto shut down at high temperatures.
  • Has a loop recording.
  • Supports up to 128GB memory cards.
  • Comes with either 32 or 64GB SD card and a hardwire kit.
  • Supports mobile connectivity.
  • Mounted with reliable adhesive tape.
  • Extremely heat-resistant.


  • You need to hardwire the dash cam for the parking mode to work properly.
  • No IR night mode for quality interior footage.
  • The adhesive tape can be used only once.
  • The battery is a weak spot of the dash cam’s heat resistance.
  • If you want a GPS, you will have to buy an optional GPS module.

LGD521 vs. BBDB-FF02E

LG BBDB-FF02E is another popular dash cam by the same manufacturer, LG. It costs around the same as LGD521, but it is quite different.

Firstly, BBDB-FF02E records in Full HD for both rear and front cameras. The view angle of the front camera is 136 degrees, slightly more than LGD521. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same in this regard.

Another difference is that BBDB-FF02E doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity, but that is compensated by an inbuilt 3.5-inch touch display, which allows for footage view on the spot.

The last significant difference is that BBDB-FF02E has the GPS-powered Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with lane departure and front collision warnings. BBDB-FF02E doesn’t come with a GPS module as well.

Otherwise, these two dash cameras are almost identical. BBDB-FF02E would be good for those who absolutely need Full HD rear cam footage and do not really want mobile device connectivity. If it is the other way around in your case, go for LGD521.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my vehicle switches off the power to the cigarette lighter port, will I be able to use the parking mode?

Yes, but if your dash cam is hardwired. The device needs the power to operate, so you need to take care of it. That is actually not that difficult, as LGD521 comes with a hardwire kit. Just follow its instructions.

We would actually recommend you to hardwire your dash cam regardless of whether your vehicle keeps the cigarette lighter port powered or not. Even if it does, you can run into the dash cam draining your car battery. To avoid it, just hardwire the device.

2. What SD cards does LGD521 come with?

LGD521 comes with Transcend SD cards. The dash cam can work with any other as long as it is fast. You should use at least class 10 memory cards.

3. Does the absence of IR night mode mean that the interior footage will be low-quality?

With the absence of IR lights, the quality of the footage will heavily depend on the light conditions of a vehicle’s interior. So you should not expect to see something in the footage of a dark cabin. But generally, no IR means low-quality night footage.

4. Are the apps included?

Yes & here is the download link if you want.


While LG Innotek LGD521 has the common features of modern dash cams, it has a couple more things to it. Other manufacturers typically do not offer functions like Format Free and auto voltage cut off. That’s what makes this model stand out.

But LGD521 is a great dash cam as well! It records quality video and will help you keep an eye on your vehicle anytime. And being a middle-range dash cam, it is not that expensive! So if you liked LGD521, why not go and buy it?

If you want to know how to fix dash cam memory card error, we also have a great article on that topic to check out! Cheers!

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