Rexing V1P 1080P HD Night Vision Dash Cam | Rexing V1P Review

Not all drivers need high-end dash cameras. For some, their budget is an issue, while others simply do not have any extra features besides recording footage. We have a good dash cam model for those drivers precisely! Yes, and this is Rexing V1P.

Rexing V1P will be ideal if you don’t need high-quality interior footage, excellent night visibility, and GPS capabilities. It is affordable and does a great job for its price!

But what makes V1P a great model?

Our Rexing V1P review can answer that question In our review, we are going to thoroughly examine both the good and the bad of V1P. In addition, we have prepared answers to some of the users’ FAQ

Premium Features of Rexing V1P Review

Rexing V1P Review

Video and Audio Recording

Rexing V1P is a two-channel dash cam, meaning that it has two camera units, front and rear. The front camera records in 1080p with 170-degree view angle while the rear unit captures footage in VGA with 120-degree angle.

The front camera will allow you to record high-quality footage during both day and night. As for the rear camera, its resolution is somewhat disappointing.

Most of the modern cameras come with 720p rear units, so if you will be needing the rear footage more, V1P probably is not for you.

Its front camera delivers quite good night vision capabilities as well thanks to the Wide Dynamic Range technology, but it doesn’t have night recording mode, unfortunately.

The rear camera doesn’t have IR night vision as well, so it won’t work well if you need night footage.

V1P records audio with its microphone, but you can mute it if you want to.

Overall, V1P has great front capabilities and quite modest rear features. If you won’t be needing them, this dash cam will be a great choice for its affordable price.

Safety Features

The first safety feature of V1P is widely common and exceptionally useful parking mode. It will record footage upon detection of motion outside your parked vehicle.

But keep in mind that you will need to hardwire the dash cam so it stays powered when the engine is off. Although some cars do not cut the power of their cigarette lighters, you should be careful with them as the dash cam can drain your car battery.

Hardwiring is much more efficient than using a cigarette lighter port.

The next great feature is loop recording. If your device runs out of storage, the dash cam will save your newest video by overwriting the oldest.

Locked files will not get overwritten, so this is a great feature in case of accidents.

At last, in case of an accident, the collision detection G-sensor will lock the current video so it doesn’t get overwritten.

Memory Capacity

V1P supports up to 128GB memory cards, which makes this dash cam an ideal buy for those who frequently have long drives and want to save every moment of it.

For some perspective, the approximate recording time on a 32GB memory card is 5.5 hours for 1080p and 10 hours for 720p.

V1P doesn’t come with a MicroSD card, so you will have to get one. Rexing recommends using Lexar High-Performance MicroSDHC with this dash cam.


Another noteworthy feature of V1P is its inbuilt 2.4-inch TFT LCD display. It will allow you to view your footage on the go without the need to take out the memory card and exit the vehicle.


V1P is mounted via an adhesive tape. Adhesive mounts are much more stable and reduce vibration and stuttering of the footage, but each tape can be used only once.

If you won’t be moving the dash cam from one vehicle to another, that won’t be a problem for you.

An interesting feature is that you can mount the rear camera inside and outside your vehicle as it is waterproof.

Heat Resistance

V1P was tested in high temperatures and can withstand 140F operating and 160F storage temperatures.

This dash cam has a weak spot though, which is its battery. Yes, batteries have better charge than capacitors, but they are far less heat-resistant.

Additionally, batteries wear off quicker. Just keep this in mind if it is quite hot in your area.


  • Quality rear and front footage in 1080p with 170-degree view and VGA with 120-degree view angle.
  • Fairly good night vision capabilities.
  • Waterproof rear camera.
  • Parking mode with motion detection.
  • Loop recording will make sure your newest video gets saved.
  • G-sensor with collision sensors locks the current video so it doesn’t get overwritten in an accident.
  • Supports up to 128GB memory cards.
  • Has a 2.4-inch inbuilt display.
  • Securely mounted with adhesive tape.
  • Withstands 140F while operating.


  • The rear camera records in up to VGA resolution.
  • No night vision capabilities. Only WDR in the front camera.
  • The 170-degree view angle may make catching smaller details more difficult.
  • Needs to be hardwired so the parking mode can work properly.
  • No MicroSD cards included.
  • The adhesive tape can be used only once.
  • The battery wears off quicker than capacitors.
  • Supports GPS, but doesn’t come with it.

Who is this Dash Cam for?

Actually, it’s a silly question to ask regarding a quality cam. Why? If the cam ensures quality, it will be loved by all regardless of their necessities, isn’t it?

Let me be frank, I’m sure you’ve noticed that most of your friends and neighbors are buying dash cams. And it would not be wrong to say that dash cams are saving many of them a lot of money on car insurance policies.

Besides, YouTubers are also earning a great deal of money making amazing videos using their dash cams.

And, I don’t think you’re an exception either. I would say all people seeking to protect their car and money on insurance, can certainly try this dash cam out.

I’m not saying this cam doesn’t have negative sides. But, it has all the standard features a regular guy would love to enjoy.
So, let’s get into more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a way to download files to mobile devices without removing the SD card?

Unfortunately, V1P doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability to make this possible.

2. Can I power this dash cam from a USB port?

Yes, you can do that.

3. Can V1P record GPS data with the videos?

You will need to buy the Rexing GPS Logger for that. V1P doesn’t have inbuilt GPS capabilities.

4. Do I need to format my SD memory card before use?

Yes, the memory card must be formatted inside the camera through the settings menu.

Final Word

Let me tell you one thing before I finish this Rexing V1P Review. You must understand why you need a dash cam for. If you’re clear about your needs, it won’t be a problem to find out the cam that fulfills your demands best

Affordable doesn’t mean bad. Rexing V1P perfectly demonstrates that! Although it lacks some features like rear cam IR lights and GPS, which would be useful, for example, for taxi drivers, it is a great dash cam nonetheless.

Not every driver needs such functions. They just need a dash cam with good recording capabilities to keep an eye on their vehicle. If you are one of those drives, you should really look into this model and maybe consider buying it!

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