The Correct Way To Vacuum Your Car Efficiently

The car is the place where all the dirt comes from food-stuff, wrapping, and many other things. So, it needs to be vacuumed frequently to remove the dirt to enjoy riding in a polished car.

If the car is not maintained for a long time it may create many problems for the user such as the dirt will make your clothes dirty and it can cause an allergic problem sometimes.

So, to prevent these problems, you need to vacuum your car in a proper way. For you, here we have given some steps to vacuum your car efficiently.

Benefits of Vacuuming Your Car

There are many benefits of keeping your car’s internal part clean by vacuuming. The benefits are:

  • While driving your car, your clothes are clean because of cleaning your internal part of your car.
  • It removes odors.
  • When you want to sell your car, it helps to increase the car’s attractiveness and its value.
  • It helps to remove dirt on the plastic and on your carpet.
  • It also helps to prevent allergic problems which can increase illness.

Steps to Vacuum Your Car Efficiently

Vacuuming Your Car

Select the Perfect Vacuum

We always want to look for less expensive tools for maintaining our car. But in the case of vacuuming a car, it is very important to select a better quality vacuum cleaner to complete all the necessary. It can save time and your money in your long-time maintenance.

Step No 1: At first, you should search for a good quality brand of vacuum cleaner. If you always do your shopping in a big store, you should avoid the cheap option which is shown with various brand’s name of the vacuum cleaner.

These cheap vacuum cleaners will not be much efficient, they have low quality and they have not very much power of vacuuming. So, this means they have to be replaced frequently and these will need longer time to vacuum.

A less expensive vacuum cannot remove the dirt deeply, but a good quality vacuum can deeply remove the dirt. There are many good quality brands such as hoover, shop vac, ridged etc.

Step No 2: You should decide if you require a cordless cleaner. If you have a problem with electricity that place you wanted to vacuum, you can choose cordless cleaner.

Select one vacuum cleaner that has rechargeable and also interchangeable battery for long time use. There is a good quality of cordless cleaner such as Dewalt. It is longtime durable and has great use in the automation process.

Step No 3: You can select a dry or wet vacuum. Carpet or mat might be wet with water or snow. It can make damages to your vacuum cleaner. You should gather your dry or wet vacuum cleaner for drenched use in your garage.

Step No 4: You should choose a vacuum cleaner with a variety of instrument. You need a light-weight covering tool, 4 to 6 inches without brush flat arrangement at-least.

Vacuuming Carpets of the Car

The major dirty place of your car is the carpet. This dirt comes from your shoes, pants and this is the place where all the dirt mix-up from different parts.

Step No 1: Take away your floor carpets from your car. You should clean them separately, and then put back in the car.

Step No 2: Take away less important stuff from the car and put them in the garbage. After cleaning your car, put your necessary items.

Step No 3: Clean the carpet with vacuum cleaner on a dry spot or clean surface. Take flat brushless tool on your vacuum and switch on the vacuum. By the vacuum, suck the dust, dirt, and sand from your carpet. Slowly pass the vacuum cleaner over your carpet and clean the dirt.

Step No 4: You should vacuum hardly on the carpet. Use the light covering tools for the compact place, vacuum narrow places of your car. You should vacuum the areas that carpet touches plastic clip and places between your seats and the car’s console. Vacuum under your seats to clean the dirt.

Step No 5: You should vacuum your car’s trunk. Sometimes we forgot the car’s trunk. But it needs to vacuum with the same process.

Vacuuming Car’s Seats

Seats are made with fabric or a soft surface like leather. So, these seats should be cleaned to remove dirt from the fabric.

Step No 1: You should vacuum your seating areas. Slowly pass the vacuum over the surface with the same process with vacuuming carpet. You can vacuum your seat using brushes in case of leather fabric. It helps to remove dirt from the leather.

Step No 2: You should vacuum your narrow spot of your seats. You can use a light tool to clean the narrow spots.

Vacuuming Internal Trim of the Car

Removing dust from the internal part of the car is difficult. Vacuum the internal trim to remove unnoticeable dust that can cause damage to your car’s plastic.

Step No 1: Activate your round instrument of swampy bristles on the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Avoid brushless tools because this will scratch on your car’s internal trim.

Step No 2: Slowly pass bristled tool over the trim areas to collect the dust. Go to the compact areas such as tool cluster beside shifter that all the dirt ends. This bristle removes dirt from that spot and the dirt is sucked by vacuum.

Step No 3: Vacuum all uncover areas of your car. Use your bristled tool to polish all uncover areas of your car’s internal trim like a console, shifter part, dashboard.

If you have completed vacuuming the car, you should put the carpet and other necessary items of your car safely in a well-organized place like your car’s trunk. You can vacuum your car monthly if you see a good amount of dirt in your car.


In conclusion, cleaning any car is a very difficult task, but you might make this task easy by following the above steps. Sometimes you need to wash & dry the car after vacuuming to remove the dust and dirt completely. Make sure to observe all the steps carefully to vacuum your car and enjoy riding in the dirt-free.

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