Thinkware F800 Pro Review

When it comes to high-grade dash cams, you won’t find many options as dependable & useful as the Thinkware F800 Pro. This excellent device delivers all the critical features for an outstanding experience, making it easy to get superb video quality while offering several safety & reliability functions.

In this Thinkware F800 Pro review, we want to expose all the little things as well as the prominent features this magnificent device offers. If you are eager to know more to decide whether it is a product worthy of your money, then take a look further and find out!

Thinkware F800 Pro Overview

It looks slightly like a hand-held camera, with an adjustable lens that you can move vertically up or down. This lens provides an excellent quality image, boasting a 2.13 megapixels Sony Exmor R Starvis CMOS sensor, ideal for either nighttime or daylight quality. It records everything at 1080p and 30fps, which is perfect for demanding users.

But it doesn’t only offer a great image, it also comes with superb recording modes with the Super Night Vision, the Energy-Saving Parking Surveillance Mode, and much more. It even comes with an ADAS system that delivers accurate alerts & warnings so you can drive more safely.

This device is entirely easy to use as well, boasting five buttons on the front for audio and video recording, a format button, one for Wi-Fi, and one for turning it on and off. On top, it comes with the microSD port and a small hole where the microphone is at, plus another for the reset button.

All of this paired up with the superb set of internal features including the WiFi you can use with the Mobile App Viewer for playback of files. You also get the built-in GPS that tags videos and photos with data, and the ThinkWare Cloud function so you can check the device recordings remotely, and many other features you can enjoy.

Highlighted Features of the Thinkware F800 Pro

We know how difficult it can be to buy a product when you don’t know much about it. To prevent that with this dash cam, here are the most important and useful features you should know about:

  • Exceptional Video Quality

The capacity to record outstanding quality in the video comes from the Thinkware unique Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor. It will allow you to get 1080p resolution without problems, all free of noise with superb clarity & brightness.

This helps to capture top-notch images even in dark areas. And with its wide-angle 140-degree field of view, you can achieve a superb image with no effort.

  • Superb ADAS System

The ADAS system is among the most reliable functions you will find in this dash cam, and one of the best in the market. With it, you won’t have to worry about collisions, as it comes with the FCWS and uFCWS functions that alert you when you get too close to other cars.  And the LDWS and FVDW options keep you from making improper lane departures.

This is all done with the built-in GPS, which not only helps you keep the car safe but also tells you which areas you should avoid with useful alerts.

  • Top-Notch Interface & App

You can only use all the functions of the dash cam using Wi-Fi via smartphone, where you can review videos, set-up the device, or even find out where the car is at if it gets lost or stolen. You also get notifications in the phone when there’s a collision and a geo-fencing feature for top-notch GPS.

And when you add the Thinkware Anti-File Corruption Technology, you can be sure it will always provide the reliability you want, even for the less critical files. Just need to add a compatible microSD card, and it will make sure all your data is protected and free of any issue for easy access.

  • Handy Recording Functions

From the Impact Detection system that records things when there’s a sudden impact or movement in the car, to the Motion Detection that keeps the device ready for any act of vandalism or unwanted situation – this device will always provide a convenient experience.

The Advanced Parking Mode is simply outstanding with the Energy Saving function to increase the battery durability. It will make the device enter Sleep Mode when parked, waking it up immediately when something unusual happens. And with the Time Lapse feature, you can record footage in very low frame-rate to reduce file size for up to 72 hours.

  • Integrated Thermal Protection

One of the features that stand out the most from this dash cam that not many other options offer is the durability & resistance it provides. And it is owed to the Thermal Sensor and Super Capacitors you get with this camera.

Its build will make sure that not even the hottest environment can cause the camera to fail. It’s all done with the high-quality Super Capacitors that act as batteries. They cut off the energy when the Thermal Sensor overheats, saving the recorded files but also keeping the camera free of damage.

What We Liked About It

  • Fantastic clear & sharp image quality at 1080p either at nighttime or daytime
  • Unique Thermal Protection system with Super Capacitors & Thermal Sensor
  • Outstandingly easy to use with top-notch interface & straightforward functions
  • Superb ADAS system for a safer & more reliable driving experience

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of LCD screen for tweaking and operation can be a little inconvenient
  • Mounts directly to the windshield without a cup or stick which offers less versatility

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have some doubts about this device, so we’ve decided to answer common questions from users to get rid of them. Here they are:

Q: How is this dash cam powered up?

A: You can power it up using a cigar-jack connector, but it is recommended to do it with the patented Thinkware hard-wire kit for its reliability.

Q: Can I use this dash cam from my smartphone using cellular data?

A: No, you can use the device from your smartphone only via Wi-Fi.

Q: Will I be notified of any event in the car from far away?

A: No, the ADAS system only works using Wi-Fi as a hotspot. This means you will only receive notifications of any event when you are close to the car, and its hotspot signal reaches your smartphone.

Q: Does the F800 Pro come with a rear camera?

A: No, it doesn’t come with a rear camera in its standard version, but you can get the additional F800R rear dash cam if needed.

Q: How much recording capacity does this dash cam offer?

A: It all depends on the microSD you choose. For 32GB cards, you can get up to 6 hours of recordings, and with 64GB cards, you can reach up to 10 hours at maximum quality.

Bottom Line

This camera is among the best in the market, and there’s no doubt when you consider how expensive it is. But that’s a lot to say as many other options don’t offer half of what this one does for such price, making it a top contender if you want a reliable and useful dash cam in your vehicle.

That’s why we made this Thinkware F800 Pro Review so you could learn enough about it to decide if it is a decent choice. And for us, it totally is – as long as you look for the quality and the perfection it offers.