7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Dash Cam in Your Car

Dash cams are getting popular day by day among car drivers. It is an EDR or event data recorder, installed in a car to record video while driving from 360° perspective. They also record driving speed and acceleration rates during driving. It also is GPS enabled to let you track your whole day driving, in a technologically enhanced manner.

More people are opting for these dash cams for a variety of reasons. Many insurance companies have started giving a discount for drivers who install dash cams on their cars.

The New York government is also in process to table the bill in parliament ensuring mandatory discount from insurance companies for drivers with dash cams. And, you can start with a budget of $100 for a new dash cam. Herein, features obviously depend on your budget.

Reasons to Buy a Dash Cam for Your Car

Cams can record video in a loop and replace old videos with new ones automatically if you don’t save them. They can also upload videos on online servers to save more, in less space. Many other dash cams are now coming with features to record video even if you are not driving.

Dash Cam

Installing it is very simple, you can either opt to connect it to a cigarette circuit or connect hardwire to an already present socket in the car.

If you are still digging for more exciting reasons to install this gadget in your car, keep reading. We have filled this piece with the benefits that dash cam can bring to you.

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#1 Provides Evidence in Case of An Accident

Most of the times after an accident, the guilty incriminates the victim for it, in case of lack of evidence. In the dearth of proof, you may have to pay for the reparations of the damages of another party, without fault and you can also lose your driving license!

Dash cam can get you out of this situation very easily. You just need to show the video evidence to the opposite party to calm him down. You can also proceed with the court to make other parties pay for your damages because you are now armed with video evidence.

Most numbers of people opt for dash cam for this purpose only. Many people have cleared their court cases with dash cam evidence. You can also prove to be alibi in case you need to prove it in some legal matter. Many country courts take into consideration your GPS location for legal matters.

#2 Can Help Keep in Check the Bad Conduct of Other Drivers

So you know some really pesky and annoying drivers around your home right? They not only put their lives at stake but also of others. You can grab a video by simply driving through them and capture their rash driving.

You can either show it to their parents or complain to local traffic authorities.

#3 Monitors Your Children While Driving

You can monitor how your child handles your car when driving. Dash cam can get you details of how fast or slow your child was while driving. Also, you can get info of places he/she visited and was how much conscious of traffic rules.

This way, you can point to them their shortcomings and help them become better drivers.

Not only your children, but you can also monitor the driver whom you have lent your car for some time. Places they visit and how carefully they drive, all things can be monitored with help of dash cam.

#4 You Can Record Your Journeys

How about recording your trips, when you are going on holidays on your child’s fifth birthday? Dash cam can help you make beautiful memories. Just switch the camera on when on the car and enjoy the moments. The cam will help you cherish the moments whenever you want!

You can present the footage to your child when he/she grows up! How nostalgic and memorable gift it would be!

#5 Helps You Look for Vandals

Sometimes, wondered when last night you parked your car it was safe, but in the morning, it has some scratches or dents?

It is maybe your neighbors’ bad parking skills or it could be just some nasty people or vandals who did that.

Dash cam can also operate when you not driving. It can also be operated from your home, and it can alert if anything suspicious is going on with your car. Or, you can just check the cam footage in case a scratch or damage is spotted by you.

#6 Helps You Back Your Insurance Claim

Many drivers, nowadays are indulging in fake or staged accidents and extracting money from insurance companies. They give fake check-up bills and more not only to take money from insurance companies but also try to extort money from innocent victims.

Because of these fraud activities, insurance companies have strengthened claiming rules. Honest clients find it difficult to claim money from companies.

Dash cam can help you back your claim with strong evidence. It showcases that you were driving safely, and the accident was not because of your fault. Nowadays, most insurance companies are undertaking dash cams’ information as proof. Cool, isn’t it?

#7 Captures Unexpected Moments

You probably would have seen shows showing adventurous videos of police chasing criminals, and some disastrous collisions. They are shot through dash cams installed on cars involved in those instances.

A video becomes popular on YouTube in which a Russian driver recorded a falling meteorite with his dash cam. His video has about 10 million views.

Who knows, you also can capture some unexpected moments with your dash cam!


So, keeping in mind all these benefits, you can install the dash cam in your car and start recording. If you think we have missed any vital reason, drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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