Vantrue N2 Review with Pros and Cons | A Worthy Option!

Looking for an affordable dual dash cam system with the good image quality? We have something to offer to you! read the Vantrue N2 review properly, Meet the upgraded N2 by Vantrue, one of the best front and rear dash cams in its price range.

On our today’s Vantrue N2 review, we are going to thoroughly review every single feature of this dash cam. We will make sure that you know everything necessary to get an idea of N2’s capabilities.

In addition, we will quickly view the differences between the new and old N2s. Finally, we have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. after finish the review,

Let’s start the features of Vantrue N2 Review

Vantrue N2 Review

Video and Audio

Vantrue N2 features two HD cameras, front and rear. The front cam records footage in 1080p with 170-degree angle while the rear unit captures video in 720p with 140-degree view angle. That’s if they record separately.

In the dual cam recording mode, Vantrue N2 simultaneously records the road ahead in 1440 x 1080 @30fps and cabin in 1280 x 720 @ 30fps.

The rear camera is 80-degree rotatable, which makes it a much more versatile unit.  Vantrue N2 features full 6 glass lens with the wide aperture of f/2.0, making the footage fairly clear.

While the aperture is not the highest on the market obviously, it is really good for a dash cam of such price range.

As for night vision capabilities, N2 delivers good visibility for the front view. As for the cabin view, the rear camera does not have IR night mode, which makes it pretty pointless in low-light conditions.

The only way to have some use for the rear camera at night is turning on your cabin lights. N2 records audio as well, but you can mute the microphone if you wish.

Safety Features

Up next are safety features, which are what we buy dash cams in the first place, right?

The first function we are going to examine for our Vantrue N2 review is the parking mode, a common function of modern dash cams.

The parking mode can be triggered by motion detection or the set time lapse. With the motion sensors, the dash cam records when people or objects approach your car.

As for the time lapse, it captures photos at set time intervals.

Its parking mode will work if you either hardwire the dash cam to your vehicle or the cigarette lighter is powered when the engine is off. But be careful with the latter as the dash cam can drain your car’s battery.

Keep in mind that in parking mode, the dash cameras start recording only if the motion is detected in the front.

The G-sensor with auto collision detection will detect impacts and lock important video segments to the event folder and prevent overwriting of your video file.

If you run out of memory, N2 will continue to capture footage nonetheless. That’s possible thanks to the loop recording, which deletes the oldest video files on your device running out of memory.

This will be really useful if you are forgetful about formatting your memory cards.

Memory Capacity

Vantrue N2 offers pretty good storage capability. N2 supports up to 10 class 64GB MicroSD cards, which should be pretty enough for dozens of clips.

And you will never run out of storage for new footage thanks to the mentioned loop recording!

A bad thing is that N2 doesn’t come with any memory cards, so you will have to buy one.

Vantrue recommends using Samsung Evo 32GB memory cards with N2. If you plan to use a 64GB model, format it to FAT32 before use so the dash cam can save files onto it.


While N2 doesn’t have mobile connectivity to help you with viewing your footage on the go without taking out the SD card, it does have an inbuilt display.

The 1.5-inch TFT display is quite enough for you to be able to watch the last captured video after an accident.

Additionally, it makes configuring your device much easier.

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Vantrue is mounted via a suction attachment. Compared to adhesive tape mounts, the suction mount is easier to set up and allows the camera to be quickly moved to another vehicle. But suction mounts are less stable and can harden over time, which renders them useless.

If windshield mounts are illegal in your state, you can buy an adhesive mount disk to install the dash cam on your dashboard.

The Difference Between The Updated & The Old Vantrue N2

The first and most vital improvement is more heat-resistant housing. The buyers of the old N2 complained about the melting body of the N2, which is quite a serious downside as the dash cam positioned under direct sunlight should be capable of withstanding heat.

Vantrue has done a great job improving the heat tolerance of N2, and now, it operates in the 32-158F temperature range.  The second thing is the optimized circuit board, which improved performance.

Finally, the mount of the new Vantrue N2 Pro is more stable, so you will face less risk of it falling off your windshield.

Other Features to Know about

Vantrue N2 supports GPS but doesn’t come with a built-in unit.

You will have to buy the optional GPS module, which records location, direction, speed, date & time into your footage, which allows you to then track the GPS data via the map of Vantrue GPS Player.

Another thing to keep in mind is that N2 operates on a battery. While batteries have more charge compared to capacitors, they are not as reliable.

Batteries wear off quicker and are less heat-resistant. But regardless of the power source of your dash cam system, you should not rely on it when using parking mode.

Instead, hardwire your dash cam to your vehicle. The inbuilt power sources are more like emergency measures and will not provide the cameras with enough charge to capture everything necessary in parking mode.


  • The upgraded N2 offers better heat-resistance, performance, and more stable suction mount.
  • Dual cam recording in 1440 x 1080 @ 30 fps with 170-degree FOV and 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps with 140-degree FOV.
  • Front cam recording in 1080p @ 30 fps.
  • Good night visibility with the front dash cam.
  • Parking mode with motion sensors and time lapse.
  • The loop recording function will save your current video even if there is no free memory.
  • Emergency lock of the last video file with the G-sensor.
  • Supports up to 10 class 64GB MicroSD cards.
  • 1.5-inch TFT display to view your footage on the go.
  • Easy to set up the suction mount.
  • Supports optional GPS modules.
  • 18-month warranty.


  • The rear camera has no IR night mode.
  • The 170-degree view angle of the front cam may deliver not as much detail as more narrow-view models.
  • Need to hardwire the dash cam to efficiently use the parking mode.
  • In parking mode, starts recording only if detects motion in the front.
  • Doesn’t include any memory cards.
  • The suction mount is less stable and may result in noticeable vibrations in the footage.
  • No inbuilt GPS module.
  • No, hardwire kit.
  • No mobile device connectivity.
  • The battery is the weakest spot of N2’s heat resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I connect a Wi-Fi adapter or HDMI to view the footage on my phone or tablet?

No, you cannot do that with N2, unfortunately.

  • What is the battery for if it just holds a couple of minutes of charge?

It is for emergencies and saving your settings and video files if the main power source cuts off. In accidents, this is exceptionally useful as even hardwired dash cams can lose power if, for example, the car battery is damaged.

  • Can you output the footage directly to a computer?

No, you can only view the contents of the MicroSD card with a card reader or by connecting the dash cam to your computer via USB.

  • Do I need to have the camera hardwired at all times?

If you want to use parking mode, you should keep the dash cam system hardwired. The internal battery is not designed for powering the cameras in parking mode.

  • Can I use external microphones with N2?

No, this dash cam doesn’t support external microphones.

  • What’s the difference between this model and N2 Pro?

The N2 Pro records in dual 1080p. In single front recording mode, it captures footage in up to 2560 x 1440p @ 30fps or 1920 x 1080 @ 60fps. Besides, the rear cam has 4 IR lights for night visibility. Another difference is that N2 Pro can use time-lapse during normal recording, unlike N2. At last, N2 Pro has a better lens and image sensor.


That’s it for our Vantrue N2 Now, you should know everything you need about this amazing model. It truly is a worthy option, and you can even seriously consider buying it!

N2 has some great features for its price and no critical downsides. So if you liked Vantrue N2, do not hesitate and go get it! We wish you to have a nice purchase!