What Is a G Sensor in Dash Cam and What Does It Do?

Driving a car or a motorcycle, you have to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, and one of the worst things that could happen are accidents. May that be due to the recklessness of the driver of the other car or yourself, how convenient would it be to view the entire incident to see whose fault it was.

This is where dash cameras come in so handy. But it’s often very difficult for the driver to turn on the camera at such rash timings. Hence, it’s essential to have a G sensor in your dash cameras. Let us look into it in detail.

What Are the Features a Dash Cam Has?

Dash cams have some very important features that make it so useful and a necessity in your vehicles nowadays. Let’s see what those are.

G Sensor in Dash Cam

GPS and Speed Logging

This is so that you can locate the exact location of an accident and track the speed of the car to see if it was over the speed limit.

Loop Recording

Dash cams can erase older files automatically to make space for new recordings because it can be troublesome and time-consuming to keep on deleting files manually every time you drive.

Auto Start

Dash cams should be able to start as soon as the car starts because one day, the driver just might forget to start it altogether.

High Definition Images

The clearer the image, the better it is for the driver to show the driver what happened.

Super Capacitor

So that it doesn’t use too much of the car’s power, and also it can work even if the power cables are disconnected. Having a built-in battery can be quite risky because your car may be parked in a hot place, and those batteries can become a fire hazard.

G Sensor

One of the most important features that a dash cam can have. It is discussed in detail below.

Why Are Dash Cams So Useful?

Dash cameras have gained popularity over the past few years, mainly because of the numerous advantages it provides. These are small cameras that you place on dashboards of your vehicle, and it records everything that is happening both outside and inside the car.

These are extremely useful and not that expensive, so placing them in your car would be a very wise decision.

Some of the benefits of having a dash cam are listed below:

  • Dash cam provides evidence of an accident or a crash.
  • It is a measure to be taken for poor, careless drivers so that they are reminded to be careful at all times.
  • It can give some comfort to worried parents, making sure their kids are not irresponsible.
  • Driving instructors also use dash cams to watch their students later on.
  • Insurance companies often encourage drivers to install dash cams in their vehicles to prevent insurance fraud.
  • You can avoid parking accidents using these cameras.
  • Dash cams can track speed, and some of the advanced models give you warnings.
  • They can also detect location for you, saving you the money for an additional GPS.
  • Dash cams can record your travel time and help you manage a log of your journey.
  • You can record your entire journey if you go out on a trip.
  • If you are lucky, your dash cam might capture something completely unexpected and fascinating on your journey, which can be a story to tell at dinner parties.

Are Dash Cams Only Used in Cars?

Dash cams can be used in any vehicle you want to use them in. They don’t necessarily just have to be used in cars. Motorcycle dash cams tend to be smaller and often waterproof to increase their longevity. There are dash cams for trucks too, and truck owners rely on it very much to keep their drivers in check.

What Does a G Sensor Do?

G sensors, also known as G-shock sensors, are accelerometers. They detect sudden movements around them and locks the dash camera onto the direction of the movement. G sensors usually take the movement of your vehicle into consideration in all three axes, back, and front left and right, and up and down.

And if anything is to happen to the car, it triggers the camera automatically. This is extremely useful because not all accidents happen when the car is moving.

A sudden movement in the car is a result of crashing, hard braking, or someone simply rocking the car when it is parked. G sensors in dash cams help it to detect such abrupt movements and trigger the camera to record the incident automatically. This has helped many drivers settle disputes.

Another important feature that G sensors have is that it stores the recordings in a secure folder without the fear of it being deleted or not recorded. It often happens that the camera runs out of storage, or the important files get deleted by mistake. G sensors store it in a separate folder for the drivers to view it later.

You can directly upload the important files directly to your pc or laptop and store it for future use.



We now know how important a dash cam can be. If you are worried about the installation is expensive, evidence shows that installing a dash cam has helped car owners save money in the long run.

So consider getting a dash cam to be a kind of investment for your vehicle and especially for your safety because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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