Why Does a Dash Cam Need WiFi to Function?

A dash cam is a helpful addition to your motor vehicle. It’s a camera that continuously works and records what is in the front and sometimes the back. Many drivers of different vehicles are considering installing this tool on their vehicles.

However, new users of dash cam often have several questions. A prominent question is whether a dash cam needs WiFi or not. This article will help to answer that question and help you decide on it.

Is WiFi on Your Dash Cam Absolutely Necessary?

Not really. Your dash cam can function properly without the need for WiFi connectivity. The video that is recorded is usually saved in an SD card, and if you want to view the video recording, you can pop out that SD card and then put it into a computer and then play the video.

WiFi connectivity in a dash cam is an additional feature but has some advantages that might convince you to use it.

Need WiFi to Function

What Are the Advantages of a WiFi Dash Cam?

Here are the advantages of a WiFi dash cam:

Video Playback

A normal dash cam will record videos on to your SD card or memory device. Usually, to access this video data, you would need to remove that SD card and then take it to a video playback device like a computer.

Often times the SD cards used for dash cams aren’t compatible with a mobile device, and so it is usually not possible to take the SD card and insert it into your mobile.

As you can see, getting to watch the contents of your dash cam can be quite a hassle. However, all this is avoided if your dash cam has built-in WiFi connectivity.

What this does is that the dash cam continuously feeds the video data right into your smartphone device. Your smartphone acts as a screen that shows the video footage recorded by the dash cam.

Ease of Use

All this is possible by simply connecting your smartphone with your dash cam. This often just involves setting up a WiFi hotspot and entering a password which will be remembered by the devices. So, there’s only a bit of hassle at the initial setup.

a WiFi Dash Cam

A normal dash cam will often require you to remove and insert your SD card or memory device quite a few times in order to change settings. There is also the chance of misplacing the memory card, which can cost you a bit.

As there is no extraneous medium of data transfer in the case of a dash cam that features WiFi, it is generally easier to use.

Ease of Changing Settings

Normal dash cams will often have you install a particular app to change settings or other measures. As a result, they can be time-consuming to operate.

That is not the case for dash cams with WiFi connectivity. You can use your phone to change the settings at any time as long as the phone is connected via WiFi. As you can see, this reduces a lot of trouble and is overall much faster to use.


As it has been stated, the video that has been recorded by your dash cam can only be viewed once the SD card or memory device has been removed and put into a playback device. As you can infer, when you’re trying to watch the recording, there is a time during which the dash cam stops recording.

Similarly, when the dash cam is recording, there is no way to view the video unless you have a playback device in your car. Even if you had a playback device that showed the video footage, it is not possible to see the footage when it is being recorded from somewhere away from your car.

These problems are mitigated when a dash cam with WiFi connectivity is used. Not only can you playback the video whenever you want as long as your mobile is connected via WiFi, but you can also use it as a viewing screen inside your car.

So unless the WiFi dies down or video footage is overwritten, it is highly unlikely that your dash cam will fail a spot check.

Also, due to how WiFi works, you do not need to be in the car to view your video. You can watch from further away, provided the WiFi signal is strong enough. This allows you to perform surveillance using your phone so that you can ensure that your car is safe.

Which WiFi Dash Cam Should I Get?

Seeing the myriad of helpful advantages a dash cam with WiFi connectivity provides, you might be tempted to try out one for yourself. This article will help you with some recommendations on what dash cam you might find useful.

Now, the best motorcycle dash cam and best dash cam for truckers won’t be the same.

For truck drivers who know of the various issues you might face on the long, harsh roads, you will find a great deal of help in using BlackVue DR900s with WiFi. It is recommended by many drivers due to its Ultra HD 8 megapixel CMOS sensor and 128Gb memory size. And it also has a GPS system.

Motorcyclists will very much like to use the VGSION with WiFi. It is a dual-lens camera that is resistant to water. It also has a built-in GPS and is widely used.


Hopefully, now you know why a dash cam might need WiFi and how helpful it is on the road. Remember to drive safe.

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